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[Update] Treasure Trove - Pirate Mode

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  • [Update] Treasure Trove - Pirate Mode

    To make the Treasure Trove more fun for players, we've decided to go pirate mode on this system.

    Pirates like treasure. That’s why we’re giving more people a chance to successfully plunder the Treasure Trove. From now on, players level 50-79 will enter separately from players level 80+.

    It’s hard to give up hoarded treasure; therefore, players level 50-79 will now only pay 5 Gold per Treasure Trove attempt (unfortunately, it still costs 10 Gold for players 80+, but we had to have some way to cover the cost of all the damage you deal).

    The most difficult part of piratehood has always been getting to the treasure chests… few have made it past the sand crabs, until now. The point requirement for reaching level 6 from level 5 of the Treasure Trove has finally been reduced from 30 to 15! So go loot those treasure chests!

    I’m unsure how far the study of pirates’ love for their mothers has gone; however, I do know that no pirate will pass up the chance to snag The Mother Lode. Now you can, too! The Mother Lode reward exchange in level 4 of the Treasure Trove has had an EXP rate reduction.

    What’s the point of raiding if not for the bundles of pirate swag to be gained? Now mobs will randomly drop a special loot called Small Treasure. These little gold nuggets can be used in three different ways:
    • Players can immediately open Small Treasure with a Blue Key.
    • Collect Small Treasure x5 + Blue Key x1 and exchange it with the Event Master for a Mysterious Treasure.
    • Collect Small Treasure x5 + Gold Key x1 and exchange it with the Event Master for a Gold Treasure.

    Shiver me timbers - Treasures!

    Small Treasure - Opens with a Blue Key. Open this pack to randomly receive ONE of the following items:
    • Ethereal Wings x2
    • Normal Gem Coupon x2
    • Pixie Upgrade Crystal x2
    • Morph Crystal x2
    • Greater Mount Upgrade Token x1
    • Class A Treasure x1
    • Class B Treasure x1
    • Class S Treasure x1

    Mysterious Treasure - Open this pack to randomly receive ONE of the following items:
    • Class A Treasure x1
    • Class B Treasure x1
    • Class S Treasure x1

    Gold Treasure - Open this pack to randomly receive a shop item!

    More loot, more awesomeness. YAR!

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    pls create another time for trove .....


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      Agree, it clashes with gotor and avernal. Never have enough time to grind .-.


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        This is the fairest update I have seen recently. I am a level 100 eidiolon, still I think it will surely make this damn event much much more popular now on.

        Thanks very very much.


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          this is good & nice! ^^
          very good / very nice.. ^^
          i Like this!


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            still you missing the most important objection>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The time of treaure trove......clashing with survival of fittest,avernal,gotor......


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              change the trove time plz


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                yay i might finally be able to do something


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                  I'll try out treasure trove...
                  ~NatsuGirl (In Celestial Peaks)

                  (Too bad I can't write a poem that's short enough to take this space up.)


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                    finally i cud solo and get the stuff for only my self
                    Yesterday was history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift.


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                      so selfish #22 #22
                      They told me that to make you fall in love with me, I had to make you laugh...
                      But everytime you laugh, I'm the one who falls in love...


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                        change the time make it 30 mins earlier


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                          Originally posted by xLebrong View Post
                          change the time make it 30 mins earlier
                          That would clash with Crypt.


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                            Great update, why you all so ungrateful? Be glad they made it better instead of all the QQ


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                              I have yet to see any removal of PK. Complete and total epic failure. People are just gonna make OP alts or people that are still under 79, will not level to 80 to spawn kill the weaker people still. Still does not solve the problem. When PK is removed, then the problem will be resolved. Nothing less of removing PK will not do.

                              Let out your rage on level 30 trading ---^