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[Patch Notes] 9/10 Server Update

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    you all need to stop expecting things from r2 they never gonna happen so stop getting your hopes up ... I gave up on getting new event from r2 long ago .... cannot be disappointed that way
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      Wow so GM don't believe in answering the players and their concerns or questions about the anniversary event at least when GM-Rob was here he at least took the time out the answer us and tried to do his best for the players of the game Maybe the reason he was let go cause he generally cared! Would it kill the GM to take a few minutes out of their schedule to answer the question that is being asked! I don't think its to much to ask to get an answer instead of just ignoring it! I mean CS anniversary is the 15th and the least ya can do is thank the players who made it all POSSIBLE too venture into other games!!!!!! and answer us instead or ignoring us and NO PLS I do NOT need a MOD on a power trip to answer me I would like A GM to answer the question!!!!
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        any guide for mount equip coming soon?


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          new mount system is very bugged inherit seems to not work it says successful but it means nothing cant morph on toons several it says inherit first so inherit it says successful even tho nothing changed on any the gears on the mounts then it turns out it used the greater mount upgrade tokens and never gives and advancement on the stars or exchanges or even anything also only one time ive got the inherit to change anything it really just reset the gryphons attributes instead of the mount i was inheriting to which received no change at all


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            Hmmmm just noticed the Chi system got a upgrade the new max its Supernal Chi used to be divine....hmmmmmm hidden update!


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              *rune* not heraldy... has also more upgrades
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                Originally posted by 59-Riggie View Post
                *rune* not heraldy... has also more upgrades
                There were a couple system upgrades that were announced during the 9/2 maintenance:
                Originally posted by R2_Coconut View Post
                Patch Notes:

                1. Raised Rune level cap to Lvl. 12.
                2. Raised Refine system level
                cap to 50.