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[Patch Notes] 11/26 Server Update

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    1st class is 7 %


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      Ok, is this some kind of joke or so? Collected over 4k roses hoping to get to 6500 of them at 1 time to get my BoL SB, and now all of a sudden I only can exchange 11 of them a day????
      Why even bother playing as a non-cashing European player? The only way to get xtal items nerved like hell, and all events at nighttime.
      The 1st event is grb at 9am server time, reset of daily attempts is at 0:00 servertime. If evertything is listed in local time, that is grb at 18:00, reset at 9:00 the next day.
      That means that there is nothing eventwise during the day. Is it so hard to add extra times (and only allow 1 entry) during the timeframe where nothing is listed atm?


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        why the medal unstackable? 1 medal for 1 space? we need spaces so much but u keep adding new stuff.. n this unstackable? >_<
        - Strongest Non Casher -

        Ill make u keep spending.. get ready to be broke n regret..


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          did they hot fix killing in lvl 10 of the public dungeon already? These noobs who have no chance to take a hit from a boss or chance in hell to kill one now get to pick up the loot why? how is that fair to the strong players who can kill it that their loot is stolen by someone who just waits in the corner

          This seems to be a glitch it happen again but not to me this time but the other players in my party couldn't pvp only attack the bosses
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            Originally posted by damn84 View Post
            why the medal unstackable? 1 medal for 1 space? we need spaces so much but u keep adding new stuff.. n this unstackable? >_<
            nope...the medals don't stack Just use em to get the buffs when you need em hehe
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            If you wanna know why I went with a Rogue well... Stealth is good for lurking in chat while still runnin through SG :cool: