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Emergency Maintenance Please read! S58&merged servers

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  • Emergency Maintenance Please read! S58&merged servers

    The server group
    Windshear Peaks(S6), Starglade(S10), Glimmering Plains(S11), Aquatic Crypts(S15), Whisperwind Beach(S19), Tundara(S24), and The Molten Highlands(S29), Seira Island(S56) and Holorn Cliff(S58).
    Joyo and Dovo etc etc (that entire server group only that's connected to S48 nebulan ridge) will be put in maintenance mode for a half an hour

    possibly this very moment or in a few minutes, please wrap up what you are doing if a dungeon etc so don't get booted without getting rewards!

    Apologize for any inconvenience and hope everyone has a awesome day!