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Feedback Wanted - Dungeons!

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    Character Name: (S86)Onca
    Server: West PvE
    List of all dungeons I like: Blood Coliseum, Killers Den
    Why I like those dungeons: Because, I can enter into the dungeon stand in the center turn on afk and it's done. For Killers Den it's a bit repetitive having to go through a bunch of doors. However, it's easier than Psycho. It's not such a pain that I want to fall asleep doing it.
    List of all dungeons I do not like: All other dungeons.
    Why I do not like those dungeons:
    1) I have to click 5436859 times for each dungeon.
    2) I'm tired of it making me get off my mount just to enter in the dungeon and to be put BACK ON my mount.
    3) I'm tired of being stunned repeatedly for a dungeon I can beat in 3 seconds.
    4) The drop rates suck now. So, it's not worth my time.
    5) The amount of time to do say psycho really sucks. Even on toons that are OP it takes at least 10 minutes to complete.
    6) Everything is so spread out it's like a maze of nonsense.

    My solutions to fixing these problems.

    1) Make it to where after 100th time of completing a dungeon or in my case the 100 billionth time I've finished the dungeon make it to where I can click a button to automatically finish the dungeon and collect my drops.
    2) Fix, Psycho to where there are NO more little guys that I need to talk to in order to enter that area or change the name of the teleport guys so I we know which is which because the order of them changes every time we enter. Or make it to where it's like an actual portal I can just hop in and out. Basically, make it easier. INCREASE THE DROP RATE OF DRAGON CRYSTAL! Since adding in all of the other items I barely get Dragon Crystal anymore. So, it's not really worth the time for me to do psycho. It's sad when I want to use Dungeon Keys on Blood Coliseum instead of a dungeon that gives me Dragon Crystal or other items I need because it's easier.
    3) Increase the amount of bosses in Evil Beast dungeon. Having only one boss in there really sucks because it drops 1-3 shards and it's only really difficult to acquire enough shards for the equipment, adding that to the fail rate of the armor also sucks. Don't get me wrong, I adore Evil Beast dungeon, but make it better and more worth while for what's needed to make it.
    4) Exelorn, I like the amount of bosses, but that dungeon is annoying because I can't use my mount. So, running to each boss adds a bunch of time to do it. Hence I only do that dungeon when I need the shards from it. Or I just buy them and skip the dungeon completely.
    5) I would also appreciate a nightmare dungeon being added to Blood Coliseum.
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      Character Name: DCivory
      Server: 7 Cragstone
      List of all dungeons I like:
      Blood Coliseum
      Sacrificial Relics
      Exelorn Hollows

      Why I like those dungeons:

      Fast and easy to do.
      Has chance to drop DC or DE.
      Gives DCs. Bosses are in separated rooms. Doesn't take too long to complete.
      Drops Awakening Stones and Imbuing Stones.

      List of all dungeons I do not like:
      Exelorn Hollows
      Why I do not like those dungeons:
      it dont drop much, can't mount there?


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        Character Name: AliceChan
        Server: (S89)Archibald
        List of all dungeons I like:

        1: Psychodelica
        2: Exelorn Hollows
        3: Blood Coliseum

        Why I like those dungeons:

        1: The only dungeon that can earn dcs easier (for me), gem drops and a lot of bosses to kill in 5 dungeon runs.
        2: More easier way to earn Major Enchantment Crystal, rather than trying to buy them from people. PC drops, gem drops and pet equip drops give some good money too.
        3: My favourite relaxing dungeon: just afk while I'm doing something else, easy earning hw, gems, pc etc.

        List of all dungeons I do not like:

        1: Killer's Den
        (I'm only level 90, I haven't tried the other dungeons.)

        Why I do not like those dungeons:

        1: So much clicking, moving about. The loot from it is not worth getting. We walk too much, sometimes we just can't be bothered to click the minimap and go to the npc. Also has low DC drops (this has to be abit high drop for the lower levels, especially the ones who are going to stay on the level they want to be in)

        A couple more:-

        -Exelorn Hollows: I don't like how we cannot mount during the dungeon, we walk so slow that we might want to use our mounts desperately.
        -Psychodelica: Chambers aren't worth it. All you do is just to go inside and kill the boss, and out again, and then run to another chamber.
        -Evil Beast Sanctuary: I've heard people saying 3 runs isn't enough for a day. We could might want 3-5 more runs (using dungeon keys).
        -Blood Coliseum: I want NIGHTMARE mode. Could be a gem drop jackpot.
        -There should be an option that we can tick/untick to pick up formulas. Most of us might not use the "Fruits" system and getting formulas from dungeons that we don't want makes us want to throw it away a lot and for some of us it's frustrating. Especially when the inventory is full and we have to manually remove the formulas with effort.
        -I don't like when we have to take off our mount before going to dungeon. THEN once you go into the dungeon, we have to MOUNT again.
        -So many clicks per dungeon D: I have a broken mouse so it's hard for me to do some dungeons like psychodelica.
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        IGN: (S89)AliceChan
        Level: 175 Eidolon
        Guild: 憎悪 (Hatred)
        I̻͉̫͍ ̨̬͓͖wÌ*̻͔̲a̢̳͎̳n͈͚͈̺t͖̼͔͓ ̫̫͔̤tÌ*͔̤̺o̢͉̥̖ ̖̱Ì*̹b̹̙̰ͅe͕͉͍͙l̮̗̲͚i͓̲̱̱ę͚͉̱vÍ”Ì*͉̙e̖̙͉̣ ̹̤̳͈t̲̙̹̮h̙͕̜̫a͍Ì*̹̘t̻̰͚͜ ̩̘͍̳tÌ*̧͈̩h̜̫̻̮e̫͙̳͜y͓̬̜̯ ͎̗̯͜m̧̪̙̘i͔̳̹͉sÌ*Ì°Ì°Í…ţ͓̗̗o̦͕̰ͅo̧̧͓̘k͖̫̹̝ ̟̺̦͇y͎͖͍͎o̢̤̫Ì*u̜̖͕͙ ̺̺̙͍f͍̪͚ͅọ̗̖̺r͕̗͚͜ ͚̟͍̰sÌ°Ì*̯̗o̡͈̮͔m̡̟͚͇eÌ*̦̰͇o̪̳͎̮n̩̜̗͎e̡͔̘͇ ̡̺͖̜e̫̥̦͍l̦͔̮̞s̜̗͚̫e̖͔̲̦


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          Character Name: (S58)Beepuddylan
          Server: (S58) Holorn Cliff

          List of all dungeons I like: Sacrificial Relics, Killer's Den, and Psychodelica

          Why I like those dungeons:These Dungeons provide a means of getting items that are both beneficial and good to sell. They aren't too difficult given the proper stats, and they are the only 3 that are easy to farm in. Though it would be nice to have a slight drop rate increase for certain Item (Dragon Crystal, Dragon Sword Fragments, and Shards for Soul Completion) as the higher you are in level the less likely these items are to drop.

          List of all dungeons I do not like: I don't particularly have any I dislike but will update as necessary!
          Why I do not like those dungeons: TBA

          Suggestions: Though I know this may not be possible, I would like to see Killers Den Revamped as it is quite lengthy. It has too many rooms to go through and I constantly have to go back into the AFK tab every run to adjust what mobs are targeted, and this happens 2 times every run. I think it may be easier to have it setup similar to Psychodelica where an NPC teleports you to a part of the main map that is cut off from the regular mobs. This would not only make it quicker and easier to complete, but also resolve the issue of constantly having to change AFK targets.

          Also, I would like to see a nightmare version of Blood Coliseum that drops better loot, such as Flawed gems. I think honestly all Dungeons should have a change in terms of gems as such;
          Revanant's Vault Nightmare should drop chipped and flawed gems
          Blood Coliseum should drop flawed gems
          Sacrificial Relics should drop flawed and scratched
          Psychodelica should drop normal

          The gem drop rate also needs a slight change as they don't drop as often as people might like.

          Also as for Exelorn Hollows, the drop rate of Rueful Soul Essence, Imbuing Stones, and Awakening Stones increased, as well as needs more equipment drops. Also adding Dragon Crystal Drops would be a plus as well, as it is hard to farm in Sacrificial Relics and in Killers Den, and is getting increasingly rare to drop inside Psychodelica.
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          Game:Crystal Saga
          Server:S58 Holorn Cliff
          Level: 83-Eidolon
          Class: Knight
          Guild: (S35)TheSpartans

          "Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution"
          -Albert Einstein


          • #35
            make a auto complete dungeon option all we need. and bigger inventory/vaults.

            dungeons i like:

            evil beast : because the nether essence
            Psychodelica : because dragon crystal drop
            Exelorn Hollows : Drops Awakening Stones and Imbuing Stone
            purgatory : drops ethereal wings.

            dungeons i dont like

            killer den : to much rooms and 1 useless room takes to long to complete.
            indigo : useless
            exelorn : why no mounts? takes to long
            Blood Coliseum : why no nightmare ?
            evil beast : why only 3 runs? make it more! nether essence is to hard to get! maybe add better stuff in dungeon! only getting bad stuff there.

            tips :

            make a new looting system that u can select what items u want to take.
            make a auto complete system for dungeon because it get boring to do all dungeons every day and takes so much time if u dont have 24 hours a day to play. (add g.muts / puc / divine feathers)
            add chi essence to dungeons.


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              Character Name: Robbay
              Server: S18
              List of all dungeons I like:
              1. Revenant's Vault (RV)
              2. Blood Colosseum (BC)
              3. Sacrificial Relics(SR)
              4. Psychodelica (PD)
              5. Purgatory
              Why I like these dungeons:
              1. I like doing BC because i can just leave my Char AFK, and it will just finish the dungeon by itself X).
              2. I like PD, this dungeon Drops vital items players need...and they drop quite a good amount of it.( Dragon Crystal, Dragon Essence(?), Purified Crystal, Patron, Energy Particle)
              3. RV SR and Purgatory they all have the same small map which is convenient <3.
              List of all dungeons I do not like:
              1. PD
              2. BC
              3. Exelorn Hollows (EH)
              4. Indigo Blight
              5. Evil Beast Sanctuary
              6. UnderDark
              Why I do not like these dungeons:
              1. PD and EH both has big map they need you to move your char and click Npc to enter island (PD)
              2. BC has no...well... no vitals items drop... you can get Purified Crystal or Energy Particle but thats it... its nice if it drop DC or DE maybe on the nightmare mode
              3. Indigo Blight has only 1 boss which drop lots of item but they really aren't that precious... (best drop u can get is energy particle or Purified Cystal)
              4. Evil Beast Sanctuary and UnderDark really consume time, Evil Beast Sanctuary has no mode so u need to time ur run to get the mode u want..this really consume time for people who can only do normal or hard, while UnderDark consume ur time by killing the mobs that has lots of HP which u need to enter the arena to kill the boss.
              That's all, forgive me if i got the name of the dungeons wrong XD.
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                Character Name: Venishta
                Server: S6 (Windshear Peaks)

                Nearly all of them with a few complaints:

                All of them drop potions lower than their levels, I don’t know why this is but it is not helpful especially in Psyco.

                The drops are way too low in all the dungeons, making it monotonous even in the simple ones like Blood Coliseum.

                I never have time to do all the dungeons in a day so I have to pick a few that give the best payout. So it is frustrating when they give little to no payout and I wasted 30 min to an hour and get nothing but junk.

                Indigo Blight- Great place to get PC and basic armor early on but the PC drops reduce way too fast and there is only one level. The next items and armor are not until RV Nightmare and there is no dungeon in between and only one level.

                Revenants Vault-
                A difficult dungeon for a new mortal player, there are no good items until hard and nightmare unless you find a good guild and or a higher level player to help you. Playing solo and leveling to master it reduces the drop rate of the good items and you still have a weak toon. Some call it the “junk dungeon” after that. I still like it for gems and pc as a rebirthed player though.

                Blood Coliseum-
                Fairly easy if a mortal toon has an upgraded frag and RV full armor. I like it mainly because you can mostly AFK and collect a few necessary items but it can become a junk dungeon really fast especially if you don’t have enough pack expanders. Again there is a huge gap between items needed to upgrade between this dungeon and the next, especially the armor shards, which makes it difficult as a mortal toon.

                Sacrificial Relics-
                Love/ Hate with this dungeon: only as a Scion and Eidolon did I start to appreciate this one because(unlike before when it took forever) I could run through it fast to get a few major items, but again the drop rates are even lousier at that point. Zabuga is ridiculously hard to beat as a mortal, even with the mash the button item, and of course he is the one that drops nearly everything you need. Drop rates are bad and gems are not so great here.

                I like the items you can get from here like DC, PC, and DE (though the drop rates have become obscenely low these days which is really annoying) and the rooms are not that far away. It goes slow at first but as a mortal it really is not an easy dungeon to get through anyway (you either wait to rb or wait until you are a lv 80 scion.) It is my first choice dungeon for basic loot but it can still get old running it over and over with no good drops.

                Dungeons I do not like:

                Killers Den-
                The first dungeon where you get some possibility of getting dragon crystal (though the drops are way too low) I admire the storyline behind it (for those that pay attention) but it is too complicated and hard for an average lv65 toon to get through alive with any speed. Later on it gets annoying when you just want to do 5 quick runs for loot and have to go through all the rooms and booby trapped hallways. Psyco isn’t until level 80 and when you are trying to enchant and level your weapon and magic dust is costing you a fortune in gold it gets ridiculous.

                Exelorn Hollows-
                Too complicated and impossible to get through at that level without help from a stronger player, this is especially annoying since you need DC and certain items out of there to rebirth into Eidolon at that point.

                Though not on the dungeon list I hate this dungeon because it has vital enchantment and upgrade items that are unreachable unless you are extremely high level or a casher,
                I realize these players need dungeons and such to keep the game entertaining but it is stupid hard and ridiculous for the average player.
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                  Character Name:MalsMals
                  Server:[S98] Southern Outpost
                  List of all dungeons I like:
                  -Indigo Blight
                  -Revenant's Vault
                  -Sacrificial Relics
                  -Killer's Den
                  Why I like those dungeons:I like them because they can be resolved easily and quickly. And why do I insert Indigo Blight to the list? because there I got energy particle and Purified Crystal with ease
                  List of all dungeons I do not like:
                  -Blood Coliseum
                  Why I do not like those dungeons: Because they had the forces to be killed by following the emergence groove. And it makes me feel bored being in there. And why I do not despise more is the impact on the completion of a long time.
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                    Character Name:Fandi
                    Server:[S98] Southern Outpost
                    List of all dungeons I like:
                    -Indigo Blight
                    -Revenant's Vault
                    -Sacrificial Relics
                    -Killer's Den
                    Why I like those dungeons:I like them because they can be resolved easily and quickly. And why do I insert Indigo Blight to the list? because there I got energy particle and Purified Crystal with ease
                    List of all dungeons I do not like:
                    -Blood Coliseum
                    Why I do not like those dungeons: Because they had the forces to be killed by following the emergence groove. And it makes me feel bored being in there. And why I do not despise more is the impact on the completion of a long time.


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                      Character Name: (S63)Zenith
                      Server: [S63]Hellstorm
                      List of all dungeons I like: none
                      Why I like those dungeons: ------
                      List of all dungeons I do not like: All of them
                      Why I do not like those dungeons: Boring and easy, Routinized, Bad graphics, Repeated monsters figures, Not challenging and no worth drop,
                      1. Create VIP2 that cost 5 to 10$ each month, this vip auto run the first 6 dungeons for the players to make them save time and earn few good drops.
                      2. Hard dungeons with less mobs and good drops (rare drops that cannot be farmed elsewhere)
                      3. A party must dungeons that are so dynamic and need all party to participate in it as a team (between fighting and standing at spots to save others in different part of the dungeon maps) , or heal others with scrols. In other word, a dungeon that needs party of legit players not alts and dummies and macros to be done
                      4. make dungeons less runs with max drop might also be good
                      5. change loots (make dynamic rotation weekly or monthley) to change the drops between dungeons. For example: indigo will drop (dragon crystals) and (Greater mount tokens) in this week. while evil beast will drop soul shards. on the next week. another 2 dungeons will have that nice drop. while indigo and evil beast dungeons go back to their original drops.

                      solve the problems by having a simple syndication privilege for casher systems


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                        Character Name: (S61)MyNuts
                        Server: (S61) Empyrean Acropolis
                        List of all dungeons I like: psychodelica, exelorn, purgatory, evil beast, and underdark
                        Why I like those dungeons: drops shards for equipments, gems and PCs
                        List of all dungeons I do not like: evil beast, underdark
                        Why I do not like those dungeons: gives very low number of shards


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                          Character Name:(S100)BlueKing
                          Server: [S100]Northern Wasteland

                          List of all dungeons I like:
                          • Psychodelica
                          • Sacrificial Relics
                          • Blood Coliseum

                          Why I like those dungeons:
                          • Psychodelica -- I like this dungeon because of all the dungeons out there, the music inside it is so relaxing. it feels like I'm in a jungle. Also, of all the dungeons
                          it gives me more DC and energy particle. I don't know why, but for some reason which I don't know, it gives me well. Lastly, I like the bosses.
                          It's like I'm fighting with real players coz they all have different classes and I find it fun. It feels like I dominate all classes LOL
                          • Sacrificial Relics -- I like this dungeon because it gives me BSE which I really need right now. hehe and the graphics inside it is hotly cool.
                          • Blood Coliseum -- Lastly, I like this dungeon because I can go AFK for a long time here. There is no need to run anyway and everywhere you just need to go AFK.
                          This kind of map is so good for busy people like me, we can wash dishes while doing dungeon at the same time. (Very Nice!)

                          List of all dungeons I do not like:
                          • Blood Coliseum
                          • Killer's Den

                          Why I do not like those dungeons:
                          • Blood Coliseum -- Well, I like this dungeon but also dislike it somehow. ONLY 1 REASON, no nightmare hehe
                          • Killer's Den -- it is a very big map :O and so many delaying factors like the fire at first map, then the ice at the second map. (it's challenging, but maybe for a busy
                          person like me, it's not as good as it is hehe)

                          Thank you!!
                          Surpass your Limit. #KoroSensei'sStudent #NoRegrets


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                            Empyrean Acropolis S61
                            I like the new 175 dungeon.
                            I like this because Zues is hard hitting and somehwat actually a challenge.
                            I dislike Evil Beast Dungeon.
                            I dislike this because it drops too few shards and NE and the darn equips dissapear when trying to synth!!
                            May I suggest a dungeon blitz for all dungeons, most adults(you're biggest cashers) do not have time to do dungeons. Also would like to see more system items drop in dungeons.
                            💎Crystal Saga💎
                            ☆Game Name: (s61)kanyo™
                            ☆Death Tank
                            ☆PvP King at your service
                            Upgrading a system and seeing the new *look* it gives is one of the best feelings huh? 😅

                            “You’re more important than my sword. …But just a little.”
                            — Angeal (Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core)