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[Patch Notes] 6/2 Server Update

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    For those that asked funds is just Buy Xtals then claim them back when you hit the required Level, Normal and premium can be claimed seperatly, normal gets you 6K xtals from 2K xtals after you hit LV100
    and premium gets you 40K from 10K when you hit LV120.

    The monthly card rebate is just like the daily sign in, spend Xtals then claim them every day for a profit.

    Benefits for all is a reward across the entire server when enough people buy the rebates, one person can add two points to only 25 people need to buy both normal and premium... and that's it tbh spend Xtals, get more Xtals.

    Also I'll have to check 2morr but I think you can claim each one a total of 4 times...or maybe it allows it after we'll see next week...
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      Thank you R2 the funds thingy is really good so many xtals for buyin xtals


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        for funds u need to buy the crystals, or u can just use those from charm trade when u have enough?
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          is funds daily?


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            looks like there is a daily fund if you do the monthly card rebate. The funds looks like a really good deal its works for new servers where people wanna spend cash to get stronger.

            If i was still cashing i would use it but there is nothing to do no reason to cash everything is done with ease. We need a challenge for the op players


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              Does anyone know if the monthly rebate will go for an ACTUAL 30 days or just 30 from the day of it first being available? thanks
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                Monthly rebate goes for 30 days starting from when you purchase it