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[Activity] Charm Drops from Roses and Whiskers on Kittens

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  • [Activity] Charm Drops from Roses and Whiskers on Kittens

    Duration: 12/6 – 12/12 11:59 PM (Server Time)
    Server: All Servers
    Level Requirement: 40+

    Description: Oddly enough roses have been growing exceptionally well this time of year. Therefore, the Quartermaster will be giving away Rose Seed Packs to players level 40+. Upon opening this pack, players will receive 1-3 Rose Seeds which can then be planted in the Event Area of Bloodfang Village. Upon harvesting the fully grown Roses, players may use them to gain 10 Charm Points that can be used in the Goddess System. Players may receive one Rose Seed Pack per day.

    Note: The Rose Seed Packs may only be redeemed once per day.
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    â—˜Server: Tyria Villageâ—˜

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      i love farmville days when I have to plant oranges on Bloodfang... hahaha


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        This event is good..... But we need a better one.....


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          Yaaaaaaay! <3 I love them roses.
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            <-- Plays at Exigent Bluff ... Level 40... Just 6 more levels to go!

            Thanks for the hardwork GMs!


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              Whiskers on Kittens? where?
              Crystal Saga

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              Looking for>
              -Genie Crystals in Consumers Points
              -More Inventory (Bag) Space & Pages
              -Pixie Crystal in Mystery Packs


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                I was just thinking about Charm this morning when I get the Self Buff for myself & how Charm might be hard to obtain but stuff like this just make it a tad bit easier . Nice Event.
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                  The above man forgot his IGN again its : Sai

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                    R21589993 you aren't the king of the Bloodfang Village server right now Alura is the the king of that server right now.
                    Yesterday was history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift.


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                      And by the way good event gms i love it.
                      Yesterday was history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift.


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                        Farmville ^^
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                          I'm actually glad for this even for new servers, time to sell my lvl 5 buffs to all of exigent bluff lol.
                          What are bugs?


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                            I have much roses (buy lots from others players) and got lots charm, exchange all charm to crystals with hope to collect for clothes, but all my crystals gone after server merge
                            so I think is not worth wasting time with this event


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                              Is there an event where you can plant seed that give GMUT or MC or EW? #16
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