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Gathering Suggestions: Events!

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    Who has the most "Epic Chaos Wing" in Temp Storage Event! The winner gets a new Title!!


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      Char Name: DN1 Saiyan
      Server: S13 Blackrock Gorge

      i have 2 ideas about new event formulation.

      Event For Ares Offhand >> a new dungeon or farming area where 1 can enter x3 to x5 time a day to farm shards for ares offhand, unlike 150 spirit of ares, it will be easy to get it for all players

      Event For Enhanced Daily Rebirth Quest >> new items will be added to the rebirth quest packs, like Strange Energy, Integrated Crystal Ball, CHI essense, wonderkinds items,anima items, etc. also the scopes of getting rebirth quest will be expanded, more missions will be allowed for players rather then the old boring missions


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        Right now if you're level 150+ sometimes there really isn't that much point of running back to SG to do certain events unless you really want to, because of the amount of good items you're obtaining from the new maps so maybe it's just a case of making all/some of the events more worthwhile for those players rewards wise. In my opinion Chamber of fate is a really interesting event because its unpredictable, fun and basically you never know whats up as you enter each chamber. I feel like more events with that same kind of Nether/Chamber of fate fast paced feel to them would be good, or even just update the rewards and things you can farm from them (For example, Soul of Ares's I no longer feel should be a cash only item because it is good yeah but it's not like head and shoulders above the rest). That's it for now I couldn't really think of anything else to say hope that is somewhat helpful!

        Edit: Woops and I forgot about PD... we all love that!
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