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CS Server Merge Scheduled on February 28th @ 01:00 AM EST (February 27th @ 10:00 PM PST)

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  • CS Server Merge Scheduled on February 28th @ 01:00 AM EST (February 27th @ 10:00 PM PST)

    A server merge is scheduled for Tuesday, February 28th beginning at 01:00 EST (February 27th @ 10:00 PM PST). These servers will be down for approximately 3 hrs to allow for adequate testing, but could be shorter. The servers to be merged are:

    US East Servers:
    S73, S75, S77, S78, S81, S82, S85, S87, S89, S91, S93, S95, S97, S99 and S101(Monarch's Rest) will merge together.

    US West Servers:
    S74, S76, S79, S80, S83, S84, S86, S88, S90, S92, S94, S96, S98, S100
    and S102(Icy Labyrinth) will merge together.

    Please keep an eye on this thread for any updates or changes.

    After the merge the following things will happen:

    1. Each character will still have a S# marker added to the front of their name. For example, (S63)RoryWilliams on Plethurian Plains will still be (S63)RoryWillaims.
    2. All characters will be preserved, even if you have more than 3 characters between the servers.
    3. All character data will be preserved (including items, skills, pets, stats, mounts, wings, Crystal, Gold, Honor, PK rating, Nobility and VIP statuses).
    4. Guild membership, friends and black listed players will be preserved.
    5. Current quest progress will be preserved.
    6. Any items in your temporary inventory will remain; any items currently in a shop will be moved to your inventory.
    7. Dungeon attempts will be maintained.

    The following things will CHANGE:
    8. All data related to the Guild Showdown will be removed. Guild Showdown will restart at the normal time after the merge.
    9. All rankings will be recalculated.

  • #2
    2 at once? Man, this doesn't look good.
    CS I - (S103)Lugh
    CS II - (S10)Lugh


    • #3
      The 100 servers really havent had enough time to do anything... this merge way too fast for lots of op servers


      • #4
        i only see a 6 hour long maint ....


        • #5
          this merge is unfair to us players on the server 100s we not anywhere close to being able challenge any players from the 90s servers


          • #6
            Seriously though, dont merge 100 servers yet, Top lvl on 101 is a lvl 80 elodian, top 10 on s99 are already lvl 180, its not even close to fair.


            • #7
              True, low sever merge with sever 100 and up really is bad since our players have such a low lvl and only one player in sever 102 is elodian, it should be lvl 100 merge with upper sever.


              • #8
                a very bad decision seen from very far different levels


                • #9
                  well u are a bit slow u told about 3 hours approx ; been down for 4 hours now ; hope everything okay


                  • #10
                    stop crying about the merge and just die after the merge is over lol. Welcome to Crystal Saga boys.