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R2 Contact Info and General Advisory Notice

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  • [Announcement] R2 Contact Info and General Advisory Notice

    Hello all,

    This post shall serve to remind everyone of the only legitimate ways to contact R2. Be advised, anyone claiming to be from R2 who does not use this method of contact is not from R2, and should be reported to R2, with a screenshot of the name of the person and the conversation.
    • For all support inquiries: - Replies to tickets go to your email inbox. Please use a valid email address.
    • For all billing inquiries: - Replies to tickets go to your email inbox. Please use a valid email address.
    • All recharge methods: Shopping cart/Recharge icons in the game,, linked from the R2Games home page, linked from the game home page, and the link in the banner above the game screen - There are no other websites to recharge through and R2 cannot recharge for players.

    At no time will any R2 employee have any contact with any player outside of the ticket system, and only as a reply to a player initiated support request. This includes any special offers for recharges, offers for free items or crystals, special support email addresses, or personal facebook pages. None of these exist outside of special hosted events, as posted on the forum by a specially titled and colored forum account (red, purple, or pink), linked to from the game's home page, or visible in the game.

    Anyone claiming to be from R2 reaching out to anyone in the game, for any reason, should be reported to R2 through the ticket system. If in doubt, report it through the ticket system or ask a forum moderator through the forum. Legitimate R2 personnel will be able to reply to the ticket to confirm legitimacy, and if actually speaking to an R2 employee, this process will be nearly instant.

    Anyone purchasing items from players outside of the game window are giving personal information and payment account information to a third party not affiliated with R2Games. R2 is not liable for any losses that occur as a result of not using official methods for recharging or support.

    Please be smart with your information.
    • Do not ever give your password to anyone, especially if they claim to be R2.
    • R2 does not need your account password and will not ever ask for it.
    • If you never sent in a support ticket, never reply to anyone claiming to be R2.
    • Never give out credit card information to any website you are not familiar with.
    • Do not use the same password for your email account as your R2 account. Both of these passwords should be different, complicated, and changed frequently.

    New R2 Community Discord Server:

    Received a random forum error? Refresh the page first, sometimes the error message is the error.

    Some inboxes are broken, including mine. Please don't send me private messages at this time.

    Rules of the Forum are found here.

    R2Games Ticket System for browser games: