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  • [Activity] Chambers of Fate

    Duration: 1/24 - 1/30 11:59 PM (Server Time)
    Server: All Servers
    Level Requirement: 35+

    Description: A rather odd place has been discovered in Vidalia! On her way home from a scrumdiddlyumptious feast, the Quartermaster stumbled upon a small doorway. Full of curiosity, she decided to take a look inside… it was unlike anything she had ever come across, each room lead to another, but in no particular order! Barely having escaped from the bewildering maze of rooms, she is still extremely curious to know what the rooms hold! Go visit the Quartermaster and she will give you two passes (once per day) to begin your journey into the Chambers of Fate.

    Mini-Guide: The Chambers of Fate will open daily from 16:45-17:15. During the above activity, you may redeem two Fate Passes per day from the Quartermaster. Otherwise, you may exchange Gold or Crystal for Fate Passes with the Chamber of Fate Guardian. To gain entrance to the Chambers of Fate, you will need to speak with the Battlemaster in Starglade. He will then transport you to Fate Hall in which you will then speak with the Chamber of Fate Guardian to access the chambers (don't worry, transporting to Fate Hall will not consume a Fate Pass).

    The chambers themselves are tricky and you will move between them randomly, each one holds a different requirement and reward, some are good... some are... well, you'll see.
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    They told me that to make you fall in love with me, I had to make you laugh...
    But everytime you laugh, I'm the one who falls in love...


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      I guess it is similliar to crypt, only the rewards are somewhat mysterious(?)
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        whattttt pag sure oi
        Server: Aquatic Crypts
        Character [S15]IYOT


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          grrrrrrrrrrr so late again for people in england :P
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            late here in asia


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     it's similar to what Broken Realms recently got..interesting veeeeery interesting v_v
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                The event takes place at 4.15 am for me

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                  sounds likeTreasure of Fate ROFL xD
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                    some are good... some are...NOT


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                      ofcourse same as always.. I WILL GET LOST SOMEWHERE INSIDE.. for the rest of event time . XD
                      good way to train me NOT TO BE LOST SOMEWHERE
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                        "great" another event due to timing that i cannot join


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                          Originally posted by sparkleyes1980 View Post
                          grrrrrrrrrrr so late again for people in england :P
                          Yes!!!I concur. These events should be repeated 12 hrly then UK players would have a chance to play them. It could also be restricted to 1 attempt per player.


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                            that time is to early here in philippines ...


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                              I agree, the timing is terrible. Only once per day and then at a time when I'm sleeping. Why aren't you guys make a couple of different times so that ALL players have a chance of participating? Another very good reason NOT to use money on this game...I can't participate in half of what goes on :P