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[Activity] Orange Pickin’

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  • [Activity] Orange Pickin’

    Duration: 7/12 – 7/18 11:59 PM (Server Time)
    Server: All Servers
    Level: 30+

    Description: Receive Orange Seeds by visiting the Quartermaster in Starglade. You may only receive one seed per day from the Quartermaster. Plant these seeds in the Event Zone, located in Bloodfang Village, to grow an Orange Tree, which requires 15 minutes to grow. Once finished, collect its Oranges, that cannot be traded, and exchange them for a variety of rewards. You will receive between 100 – 300 Oranges per attempt.

    Exchange Options:
    • 100 Oranges = 1 Orange Seed
    • 200 Oranges = 1 Gold
    • 300 Oranges = Orb of Mana (Bound) x 2, Orb of Health (Bound) x 2
    • 400 Oranges = 3x EXP Token (Bound) x 1, 3x Pet EXP Token (Bound) x 1
    • 500 Oranges = 4x Offline Experience Token (Bound) x 10, Torch (Bound) x 2
    • 999 Oranges = Freshly Squeezed Package x 1

    Open the Freshly Squeezed Package you will randomly receive one of the following items:
    • 500 Honor x 1
    • Therion x 1
    • Black Dragon Coin x 3
    • Silver Honor Badge x 10
    • Morph Crystal x 5
    • Shining Gems Coupon x 1
    • Purified Crystal x 10
    • Soul Shard x 5
    • Coupons (Bound) x 100

    Note: You may exchange 100 Oranges for 1 Orange Seed as many times as you would like. All other exchanges may only be used once per day.
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    WOW thank you ^^

    Tinosia Delta


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      - Kagelol

      Ign: (S44)Euthanize
      Guild: (J1)Philippines
      Level: 150 Eidolon
      Class: Support Priest.

      I'm annoying.
      ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌


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        yay i have 10 alts LOL ... OMG THERION

        Server: Cheurna Gorge
        Lvl: Eidolon 150
        Class: Ranger (Agi type LOL)
        Pet : Burning Angel 3rd Gen, Demon King 3rd Gen
        Guild: (S26)FTW

        League of Angels
        Server: [S141] Lake Nadir
        Lvl: 75
        Class: Berseker
        Guild: Fairy Tale


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          Alt central here we come >_>
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            im gonna use my farmville expertise!


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              Originally posted by AkiraKusano View Post
              yay i have 10 alts LOL ... OMG THERION
              Good luck collecting x999 Oranges for every alt.
              The King doesn't fall so easily boys


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                cool event


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                  0.o Soul Shard and PC! omfg im happy


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                    We're gonna need more Bloodfang Village L's if the oranges take up as much space as normal seed of life plants >_>;


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                      Originally posted by Skwie View Post
                      We're gonna need more Bloodfang Village L's if the oranges take up as much space as normal seed of life plants >_>;
                      No worries. They take up much less space this time.


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                        thanks R2CS_Pat and the rest of the crew


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                          anyting special for VIP ? more seed / day ?


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                            Originally posted by R21026200 View Post
                            anyting special for VIP ? more seed / day ?
                            Nothing special for the VIP goers for this particular activity this week.


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                              make another farm area xD