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[Announcement] EMERGENCY SERVER MAINTENACE @ 4:30 AM EDT 07/20/2012

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  • Sc3n3
    Originally posted by R2CS_Stormaggedon View Post
    Since we're taking the servers down, we'll also be upping the level requirement for the Battle Bear in the Mount activity to level 45. We've noticed a glut of alts being created to exploit the bear, and we're hoping this will stop it. If it doesn't. we'll be looking at other possible actions next week.

    So basically anyone who didn't exploit this already is just stuck in the dust unless they wanna make lvl 45 alts, nice whish i woulda been one of the lucky ones exploiting it then.

    How about you roll back the mounts on every server to what we had yesterday or do a complete server rollback to give it a level playing field.

    Feeling kinda screwed over here any way it goes but w/e I guess

    Or how about instead of 45 putting it at 30 so i an get some use from the damn characters im gonna have to lvl
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  • StormYoda
    thanks Storm, I noticed a LOT of Battle Bears, too, and I assume that's the reason SO Many ppl are selling/buying MUT's for so high today, so they can score those GMUT's lol. Thanks for the update...I needed to goto bed anyways

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