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[Activity] Pet Show!

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  • [Activity] Pet Show!

    Duration: 7/26 - 8/1 11:59 PM (Server Time)
    Server: All Servers

    Description: Bring along one of your enhanced pets and be rewarded based on the pet's enhancement level! Required pet enhancement levels and rewards are:
    • Pet Enhancement Level +5 = Maturity Stone x 3
    • Pet Enhancement Level +8 = Maturity Stone x 5
    • Pet Enhancement Level +11 = Maturity Stone x 10
    • Pet Enhancement Level +12 = Maturity Stone x 15
    • Pet Enhancement Level +13 = Maturity Stone x 20

    Notes: You may only be rewarded once! Summon your highest enhanced pet to receive the most rewards. If your highest enhanced pet is +13, select all options to receive all rewards. You will receive Maturity Stone x 53 if you have a level 13 enhanced pet. If your highest enhanced pet is +8, you will only be able to select the first two options. You will receive Maturity Stone x 8 if you have a level 8 enhanced pet. Any type of pet may be used.

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    not bad but this just seems like a filler event.... kind of lame but can't be too picky you guys always have an event every week can't all be amazing.
    Server: Starglade
    Name: Lotussin
    Plain: Eidolon
    Lvl: 72 and more
    Guild: GM of DethKlok
    Skill Tree: Shadow
    Pet: Demon King Gen 2/5 +13


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      Not Bad


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        doh and i just lost my +13 pet XD
        "with our thoughts we make the world"no matter how gifted you are you alone cannot change the world"

        (S6)kaguyakage, random weak hybrid priest thingy, Windshear Peaks, (was proud member in the guild DISORDER)

        broken realm- Duzell - female/mage .. more to come

        wartune - suzakuhanbei-female/mage

        Lunaria story - Darzell-male mage- lv 40 ( omw up )

        "I may not look like a warrior, but I make up for it, somehow."


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          bah fail +12 to +13 :\
          IGN : terrabyss
          Server : Killer's Den
          Class : (Nature) Ranger
          Level : 64
          Plane : Scion
          Pet : Burning Angel Gen1 lv.87
          Pixie : (4th form) Celestial Pixie lv.35


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            Thank you so much my +13 Teeka with help get my DK to +13


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              God , Damn .. I didn't fail to get +13 ! . I dont know how but i was at L5 next to general krahn without the pet Summoned .

              Game :Wartune
              IGN: Palpablesage
              Class: Mage
              Level: 19
              Game: Wartune
              IGN: MrNemesis


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                I got +12 before on my Super Angel got so much proud and happiness then failed and now heartbroken.


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                  not so bad