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[Patch Notes] CS 3/21 Server Update

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  • [Patch Notes] CS 3/21 Server Update

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  • #2
    Lmao @ no bug fixes.


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      So awesome event!
      life is unfair


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        Yayy!! Bug fixes!
        wait nvm. False alarm.

        Finally unprivated the thread.. #23.

        Also, how many Gens of mounts possible? 5 like pets?
        It isn't specific in the fusion "guide." Yet refers to gens.
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          I like this new mount fusion thing, but since the release of the new gems and sperion stuff our vaults have been packed and rarely with any open spots. A lot of us even have several pages of things pouring into our inventory. Please add a 3rd vault page at next maint.
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            T_T just make the VIP a PERMANENT vip lol cs have a perm lottery system or somethin and u can get crystals from it 2! awesome i kno ppl would love that >_> im workin on blessing 2


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              Mount Fusion, any more elaborate explanation on it? and will the items be available in-game or is this yet another 'pure cash' content update which so many players are dreading?
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                Originally posted by sebastian1988 View Post
                Lmao @ no bug fixes.
                Stalkers OP.

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                  Originally posted by speeds16 View Post
                  Mount Fusion, any more elaborate explanation on it? and will the items be available in-game or is this yet another 'pure cash' content update which so many players are dreading?
                  Will be purely cash, until the release some sort of event that gives the items most likely


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                    hope mount fusion is permanent


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                      ok not bad .. too bad the VIP is only 1 dyas xd xd
                      Last edited by MarselInside; 03-21-2013, 06:01 AM.

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                        Originally posted by Actroids View Post
                        hope mount fusion is permanent
                        i think it is, because its a new system not an event
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                          Mount fusion, lmao. Can I upgrade my guilded stallion into another Kilin, then fuse the two Kilin? It seems like they dont want to release the next PvP set and they keep coming up with ways to make the cashers stronger. uncool


                          • #14
                            The Mount fusion is a scam. You need to spend 1350 Crys for the Stone and 2640 Crys for the orbs. The total comes to 3990 crys or $39.90 Us dollar to attempt a fusion. Jesus Christ, talk about expensive. But wait the scam don't stop there, cause there is a chance it will fail too! Wow, I hope no one is physically stupid enough to try this. Maybe the cashers will cause they have no soul, but hope this shows everyone how expensive fusion is.

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                            • #15
                              anyone can answer my question? i had a Kilin and i want to make another Kilin, is it possible to make another Kilin with my Old Gilded Stallion w/ 10 stars thanks