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[Activity] Show Me Your Soul!

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  • [Activity] Show Me Your Soul!

    Duration: Delayed to next week.
    Server: Check back next week.

    Description: For a limited time, players may visit the Event Master in Starglade to be rewarded based on their Soul Completion progress.

    The rewards are as follows:

    • 100 Points – Soul Shard x 4 & Purified Crystal x 6
    • 300 Points – Soul Shard x 8 & Purified Crystal x 10
    • 500 Points – Soul Shard x 16 & Purified Crystal x 20
    • 800 Points – Soul Shard x 30 & Purified Crystal x 40
    • 1000 Points – Soul Shard x 40 & Purified Crystal x 60

    Notes: There are no level requirements for this activity. If your Soul Completion progress is 1000, you will be able to select all options, receiving all rewards. If your Soul Completion progress is 500, you will only be able to receive the rewards for 100, 300 and 500 points.

    EDIT: Due to bug issues allowing players to actually collect the award, we have postponed this Activity to next week while we do some fumigation work. In its place, we're introducing the On/Off Feature for Player Health and Mana Orbs. Click here for more details!
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    hmm interesting and different idea

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    Shadow Guild

    Shadow Guild

    Only the weak pick on the weak :rolleyes:


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      Bump... Too bad ppl on new servers can dream about 100 points...

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        Yeah this is pretty nice ^^
        Stalkers OP.

        Best (ex) R2 employee quote: "Be kind to your fellow players ~ you never know when they are alt GMs "


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          Poor gingers
          Le derp alt. I remembered I'm logged on this account after I posted.
          IGN: Smurfs16
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            how does soul completion point being count?


            • #7
              my soul dev is 284 QQ i hope that i'll have enough ss to make it 300 >>


              • #8
                174 soul Belas Chasm. i hope i can make it to 300 trolololo
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                Level: 4*
                Plane: Scion
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                Soul: 321


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                  wooooh soul shards come to Papa
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                    nice new vip system


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                      540 void


                      • #12
                        what about those that have over 2k soul development?


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                          Originally posted by alex2707 View Post
                          what about those that have over 2k soul development?
                          Well, looks like you will only get all the rewards for the following listed.

                          Still, a lot of PCs and decent amount of SS from them.
                          The King doesn't fall so easily boys


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                            Originally posted by ohhhjohn View Post
                            nice new vip system
                            wrong thread reply lol


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                              Originally posted by smurfs16 View Post
                              Poor gingers
                              Stalkers OP.

                              Best (ex) R2 employee quote: "Be kind to your fellow players ~ you never know when they are alt GMs "