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    phew its postphone till nex week much better i can have time gather till 300
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      only 6 puris and 4 shard for 100? pfft cost more to even get to 100 soul! what waste of an event.
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        Originally posted by dragonboy190 View Post
        only 6 puris and 4 shard for 100? pfft cost more to even get to 100 soul! what waste of an event.
        ... what were you expecting? To get rewarded with enough material to give you another 100 soul?

        It's a free reward ... suck it up.


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          is this event open for new server and not available in old server?


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            Originally posted by asakau266 View Post
            is this event open for new server and not available in old server?
            This event is postponed, so it's not available on any server at the moment.
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              as much as i like the sounds of the event it would also be nice to see the rewards a little higher as we also use pc to upgrade gems,frag shards and others but all in all sounds like it will be fun also due to the wait last maint please up the rewards lol
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                What about people concentrated into one soul? I for example have all ice soul with only 5 levels left to go, easily equal to anyone with 500+ and possibly even 800 soul completion that have spread their soul shards around. I like this idea but it seems to me that if you're dedicated to one area of the soul then it's a little unfair to you. I would propose that this kind of event be based on the amount of soul shards that you have acquired and used on your soul overall and not the amount of soul completion that you show out of 3000.

                FYI with 5 levels left to go in the ice soul my completion is only 387/3000 but my cheapest level of soul right now is level 9 Advantage @192 soul shards.

                I don't want this to be taken the wrong way so I want to make it clear that I think this is a great event but the numbers are a bit askew when comparing the amount of work that has gone into a players soul vs. what the soul completion number might show.


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                  well this would be a great boost anyhow guys, free stuff, be happy. better then giving us nothing right??
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                    Should make it Mini Souls Pack For each^_^ like 5x soul shard each pack, It only 1 time event.