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[Announcement] CS Downtime for 04/03

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  • #31
    at this rate will lose the only grb and bath i can do


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      wow longest mainte evah ^_^
      If It Has To BE...It's Up To ME


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        Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Another week of this crappy event... ! majority of us don't even bother with the chocolate.... ! Keep it up R2, your gonna loose more & more players because your all a bunch of lazy morons and you seem to think keeping us around isn't a
        problem! More and more people I know are playing less and less, hmmm, why is that?


        • #34
          And looks like they ninja'd in two extra hellfire snakes in avernal that spawn from the Hellsbane. Still no frag balances though. Wonder when they'll get on that.

          Very clearly not a restart like was stated in this thread and an actual maintenance was done since changes were made to the game.
          Last edited by Helldemon83; 04-04-2013, 02:26 PM.


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            Why dont you guys make purify crystals a event reward than those useless rewards your giving us like blessed stone and empty vital essence

            you can make essence an event change the medal to essence to get the honor pack

            just think about it almost all items required purify crystals and you can only farm it in the dungeon with your own same level we need more purify crystal


            • #36
              still no server upcommiing?wew..


              • #37
                yah lol im a bit disappointed .. they screw up the time for s62 .. then they make us w8 too long