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CS 04/18/2013 Server Maintenance @ 4:00 AM EST

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    Originally posted by R22278558 View Post
    It wouldnt be so bad but what about the ppl who are still stuck....possibly for another week. many of them pay for VIP...are they going to re imburse them because a lot of them wont be happy with being offered a free month of VIP.

    Thankfully this bug hasnt effected me but it could in the week to come for all i know, and its down right un acceptable to leave such a major bug untreated especially for those ppl that have already been stuck for the last week.

    If its something they cant fix or because its a problem with their server provider fair enough but even in that case they should address the situation and not just pretend it hasnt happened
    I totally agree with you. It's unfair for many people, and not hearing anything about it for a while officially is also not fair.
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      and R2 totally bombed me with the 50% stucked in chamber thingy. just waiting for the grand opening of the server of the game similar to CS and im quitting. well, that would be my time limit.

      P.S if i confirmed to be quitting, once i get back my char, ill be holding off a personal event where i will giveaway items like FSX2, HWx??? and many more.
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        Originally posted by MemoryLane View Post
        Not necessarily. It depends on what's causing the issue in the first place (if it's not resolved when the servers are all back up).
        HI MEMORYLANE need you to pm me i need help cannot submit tickets i have bought xtals and vip and nothing has been delivered as yet i bought vip 4 days ago on my husbands acc and still nothing please help


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          Originally posted by Gimblewart View Post
          TY for the events... however. If any GM is actually reading this.. >_> is it possible to have one week you give us a selection of possible events to bring back and we all vote? Would satisfy all these complaints as at least then we're being asked what we all want.. shows you would be paying customers attention too.. :3 Although.. im content with these HP orbs ^_^ i hate wasting coupons X:!<3


          so instead of acknowledging what people say
          they banned me instead
          SWWEET RIGHT ON R2.


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            i committed 100% of my free time to this game and its letting me down -_- i feel as tho i wasted almost 2 years of my life here... :'(


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              Originally posted by mtdew1234 View Post
              i committed 100% of my free time to this game and its letting me down -_- i feel as tho i wasted almost 2 years of my life here... :'(
              i know the feeling LOL. I dont care for events anymore now, i just want the bugs fixed so i can actually enjoy whats there


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                O.o what u said right tthere is ground for banned according to r2 but thats soo lame


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                  i doubt it, not like i insulted their intelligence. Which btw, if you do on game, you also get banned for. yummy!


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                    And besides, I'm pretty sure that the people at R2 actually need to sleep.....Just look at hpw many servers they have with how many players. I mean come on!!
                    Originally posted by adrimid View Post
                    Disclaimer: You and I have different definitions of the word "complain."

                    eds; I should stop before this gets into a heated debate on various idiocy based incidences.

                    but yeah we'd probably have to wait another week. they will probably fix it however, though. since many people have