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[Activity] Bossing Me Around

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  • [Activity] Bossing Me Around

    Duration: 4/25 – 5/2 11:59 PM (Server Time)

    : Think you have what it takes to defeat the World Bosses of Vidalia? Defeat the following World Bosses and be showered with rewards! For every World Boss killed, you may also redeem one bonus Dungeon Key! Upon defeating a World Boss, visit the Quartermaster in Starglade to receive your rewards. The rewards are as follows:
    • Defeat Torvo the Hungry and receive Fragarach Refinement Crystal x10, Mount Fusion Orb x3
    • Defeat Auron the Destroyer and receive Fragarach Refinement Crystal x15, Mount Fusion Orb x5
    • Defeat the Ice Queen and receive Fragarach Refinement Crystal x22, Mount Fusion Orb x8
    • Defeat Nepenthor and receive Fragarach Refinement Crystal x25, Mount Fusion Orb x10
    • Defeat Amarog and receive Fragarach Refinement Crystal x30, Mount Fusion Orb x12
    • Defeat the Shadow Reaper and receive Fragarach Refinement Crystal x35, Mount Fusion Orb x15
    • Defeat Ravensteed and receive Fragarach Refinement Crystal x42, Mount Fusion Orb x18
    • Defeat the Fallen Angel and receive Fragarach Refinement Crystal x50, Mount Fusion Orb x22
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    Again with this??? Why??
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      on our server 1 guild has been taking all these bosses last week guess another week of just them getting the goodies from this event

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      Server: (S4) The Wilterlands
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        Originally posted by priestkayla View Post
        on our server 1 guild has been taking all these bosses last week guess another week of just them getting the goodies from this event
        ^ I can't even try and do a rebirth quest with a party.
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          This is complete ****, another disappointing maint......


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            This has cut into rebirth quests significantly. It is the same 5 people getting these bosses as well. no one can out DPS them. This is event is for the VERY few.


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              is party up useful or useless?

              someone in my party killed boss, but i cannot claim rewards afterwards?


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                Useless event, as always.

                I've pretty much always been deleting World Boss quest whenever taking my Rebirth quest. The world bosses in my server are always gangbanged by pretty much the same players, or same guild, and seemingly only for fun more than anything else, leaving behind nothing for others. R2 totally doesn't understand how much odds some players are having to deal with rebirth quests, and leisurely throwing random events which in the end, only giving us crappy, pointless rewards
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                  Such a hard thing to do lol everyone camps them and i can nenver get them
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                    why is it back


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                      plss make EVENT NICE GM


                      • #12
                        If people wants better events then they have to start cashing,
                        as R2 only cares about the cashers... and that's mostly those who are OP >_<
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