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  • [Promotion] Point of Interest

    Duration: 4/25 – 5/9 11:59 PM (Server Time)
    Server: All Servers

    Description: The point system we all love and miss is back! For the following week, players will be rewarded with 1 point for every Crystal purchased. For example, if you purchase 1,000 Crystals, you will receive 1,000 points. Players may then exchange these points for certain items in the Item Shop. To view your point total and the available items, simply open the Item Shop and select the Points tab.
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    We all love and miss?? are u actually serious there?


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      yay! hope the prize is good..
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      Looking for>
      -Genie Crystals in Consumers Points
      -More Inventory (Bag) Space & Pages
      -Pixie Crystal in Mystery Packs


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        ok time take a week vacations with this events
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          i wonder when will be back getting free xtals in my country ?? few months its just dont work its not for first time since i joined to CS
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            LOL I just recharged 10k crystal yesterday That's bullcrap.
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              The point system we all love and miss is back!
              loved and missed huh

              well going by the reaction on the server Im on, it is not loved or missed. Don't know where your getting your info from but it is very wrong and you are being missed informed badly R2
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                So many complainers T_T its just an extra event... promotional events dont replace other events.. they are PROMOTIONAL.. so whether its there or not... wouldnt change anything T_T

                Ty r2 means extra stuffs in shops ^_^


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                  I haven't been missing the points event because all the recent ones sucked.

                  However this one has the new items and the point price is actually good! Yay!

                  (280 for 50 refinement xtals? sweeeet). I'll be doing free offers to earn what I can.
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                  LVL 55 eidolon ice mage



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                    This has always been a fail event. However with how mount and frag crystals are set up pack wise, you get a nice handful for only a few bucks. Nearly 50%-90% off on buying them single.

                    Let out your rage on level 30 trading ---^