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Crystal Saga Weekly Maintenance at 4 AM EDT on 05/09

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  • Crystal Saga Weekly Maintenance at 4 AM EDT on 05/09

    Servers S1-S3 (Aurora Point, Himeng Valley, and Kaymo Mountain) will be going down at 4 AM EDT (Eastern Standard Time) on Thursday, May 9th. For those of you on the West Coast, this will be at Midnight PST (Pacific Standard Time). The rest of the servers are planned to go offline for maintenance at 5 AM EST (2 AM PST). Downtime is expected to last 3 to 4 hours, but could be shorter. Please keep an eye on this thread for any updates or changes.

    UPDATE: Servers and Patch Notes are up! You can find the Patch Notes here in this thread.
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      150, Other versions of cs have 3rd reb because they reb at 60 80 and 100


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        ugh, should just make a new server....


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          *munch on cookie* You know u guys have high expectations every week and then r2 crushes it, lets just have low expectations this week like say have a mut or hw event then if we get something gud we can say "wow r2 u are the best"
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          And I am still waiting until my death...
          But you hate me...
          So I shall kill you..
          And make you suffer...

          Kill me..
          Kiss me..
          Bury me..
          Just look at me....


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            why are so many ppl obsessed with getting a new server? why not just merge a few of the older ones and or improve the current servers stability rather than knocking out a new one
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              Dys you shush no 3rd rebirth until I have my sperion paid off>.< and Geo stop eating cookies u are getting chubby. And I also remember when maint night was fun and storm used to mess with us about what event was coming what is going on
              Last edited by SheLLz; 05-09-2013, 03:20 AM.
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                ESD EVENT PLSS or SP


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                  I'm not going to put my expectation high. No need to create good events, and don't bother with giving awesome rewards, just, please, make it a FAIR event that can be enjoyed by ALL players without any discrimination. Don't create another pointless events such as bossing me around and Fortune favors the brave, which basically only favor high level/elite players and completely neglecting the others
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                    agreed there, thats how come so many people look forward to the new servers because it sets everyone on a new playing feild and i like the events that they bring up on the new servers


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                      u guys really think r2 cares bout u guys??...think again..
                      its all about the moneh!!


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                        So, I asked the Magic 8 Ball and it said..

                        Events will be...

                        Bossing Me Around
                        Fortune Favors
                        Cudra's Shipment


                        Nah, but theres a chance that they will just extend the events again >_>


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                          Cudra's Shipment again right?


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                            i wonder if they will give a great event this week
                            Bellas Chasm
                            Eidolon Knight
                            Ultrasaurus Rex gen 2
                            Demon Lord Wings +2

                            Amethyst Forest
                            Eidolon Priest
                            Ultrasaurus Rex Gen 3
                            Demon Lord Wings


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                              cant there be useful events like Soul Shard events,Rose events,HW to EW event or something....?