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[Announcement] New VIP System WINNERS

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  • #16
    Sweet, a free month of new VIP, if only it came with the Crystals, but that would make it too epic lol, this works just as well.
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    • #17
      Congrats to winners


      • #18
        Storm, i'm one of the winners but my VIP is just newly renewed. this means i can't enjoy the FREE VIP for 1 month??? please tell me it activates after my PAID VIP. and thank you in advance!
        Last edited by Thannia; 08-07-2012, 12:33 AM.

        IGN: Thannia
        Guild/Position: Runeflame/IceQueen
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        • #19
          Just a Question what if they have VIP alrdy will it be added for next month for vip ?
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          • #20
            thank you very much GM


            • #21
              `oh my!!! 0_0
              it just happened that I checked on this thread....
              and I didn't expect that I'll win.... LOL
              thanks so much R2!!!!

              `just in time, my VIP expired three days ago....
              so I just need to renew my VIP next month....
              thank you R2.... <3`
              Last edited by Machie; 08-07-2012, 01:14 AM.
              (S24) Machie
              Class: Hybrid Knight
              Guild: (S24) GeneiRyodan
              (Guild Master)
              Server: Tundara
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              • #22
                congrats to all altar of sacrifice winners


                • #23
                  Thank you R2 team. I think they took my suggestion that VIPs deserve 10 free soul shards a day.



                  • #24
                    GM can i be VIP for free ?


                    • #25
                      yea i win something 1 question though as i resently re activated my vip b4 the new one came in does that meen i have 2 months worth of vip or is it just the 1 month lapped over i will file a ticket asking aswell
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                      • #26
                        Thanks R2 <3

                        i kept on wondering where i got my VIP then my friends in my server told me about this XD
                        THANKS A LOT!!! I love sharing ideas to others <3
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                        • #27
                          GRatzzzzzzzzzzzzz Waterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr - aurora point
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                          Guild : Legends


                          • #28
                            woooooooh Grats Stiggy )


                            • #29
                              ***!!! Nathanael Got VIP >.< He VIP


                              • #30
                                Grats to all winners but extra special grats to my smithy

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                                Eidolon Rogue
                                Angel Island
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                                Shadow Guild

                                Only the weak pick on the weak :rolleyes: