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[Activity] The Exelorn Invasion

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  • [Activity] The Exelorn Invasion

    Duration: 8/9 - 8/15 11:59 PM (Server Time)
    Server: All Servers

    Description: While King Valcroy and the people of Vidalia celebrate the Olympics in Starglade, unbeknownst to them, a resistance is mounting up and preparing to wage war on the city. Between 5 PM and 11 PM (Server Time), several monsters from the newly discovered Exelorn Hollows dungeon will spawn every day on the hour throughout Starglade (L3 – L5). If you do not wish to participate in this activity, please avoid Starglade instances three, four, and five.
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    invasion again !
    IGN: (S29)Visayas
    Server: The Molten Highlands
    Class: Knight (Hybrid)
    Honor Rank: Emperor
    Current lvl: Eidolon 80+
    Guild: (S6)Athena


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      Will these be Nightmare mobs?! Or normal like the Spoof Packages?


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          Major ♥ equip shard ♥ PC ♥ YAY !!!
          CRYSTAL SAGA

          Server: Cheurna Gorge
          Lvl: Eidolon 150
          Class: Ranger (Agi type LOL)
          Pet : Burning Angel 3rd Gen, Demon King 3rd Gen
          Guild: (S26)FTW

          League of Angels
          Server: [S141] Lake Nadir
          Lvl: 75
          Class: Berseker
          Guild: Fairy Tale


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            another hi lvl events ,, i wish lag issues will resolve post maintenance or else starglade l1-l2 will be dead frame
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            But everytime you laugh, I'm the one who falls in love...


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              normal exelorn bosses? please say yes i love that i haven't rebirth yet. lol

              IGN: Thannia
              Guild/Position: Runeflame/IceQueen
              Class: Priest (Hybrid)
              Level: 80+ (Eidolon)
              Server: Kraken Beach (S33)


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                Bring on the Health Orbs to stay alive for the Invasion
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                  no Buff like in the dungeon
                  gonna need priest lolol


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                    These things hit HARD. I took some down but good god, they are tough for lvl 70 characters.