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[New Permanent Event] Screenshot of the Week!

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  • [New Permanent Event] Screenshot of the Week!

    Duration: 8/9/2012 - Forever
    Server: All Servers

    Description: Many thanks to Ringless for a great event idea! We know you all have great fun and touching moments in Crystal Saga. We want you to share those moments here in this thread for everyone to see! Every week, I'll choose one lucky picture star as our Picture of the Week to feature on our Facebook page and to lavish the photographer with a generous prize!

    1) All pictures must be posted to THIS thread. Any images posted to other threads or emailed to me will NOT be counted.
    2) Pictures must be uploaded directly into the post or uploaded to Tinypic and then copy/pasted into the post (use the link for "forums and message boards"). I will NOT go chasing your pictures down through links or downloads. If I can't actually see it in the body of the post, it won't be considered.
    3) You don't have to include any descriptions or commentary on the photo, but you are welcome to.
    4) Be sure to include your name and server in your entry post. Only the photographer who uploads the image will receive the prize no matter how many people are in the photo.
    5) Please be kind in your reply comments. Any comments deemed unacceptable or off-topic will be removed.

    Reward: Winners will receive the Starglade Photographer Pack which contains:
    • Black Dragon Coin x 4
    • Gold Honor Badge x 1
    • 3x EXP Token x 3
    • 500 Honor x 1
    • New Title: Starglade Photographer

    Winning Photos will also be featured on our Facebook page for all to see!
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    OMG YES >u< I have a bunch of screenshots lol.

    ok, been through a bunch of my screenshots, chose this one first ^^. I'll be sure to post one every week!

    A question as well, are we allowed to submit screenshots that have been cut/edited?

    Description: Taken at my wedding lol. Main feature is Friendly haha, look at him hiding in the table :P
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    If I post something really weird that makes no sense whatsoever it means I'm not mentally there at the time I post it (probably sleep deprived)

    Character: (S31)Kiesha
    Server: Tree of Life
    Plane: Eidolon
    Class: Hybrid Priest
    Guild: Harmless


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      Taking over bloodfang one L at a time...

      and I have this one too as it doesnt say if there is a limit to entries, if there is I apologise and can I use this one next week lol This is my tricked out genbu, he has neons like car see Click image for larger version

Name:	neon genbu.PNG
Views:	2
Size:	118.6 KB
ID:	1659883 sorry i dont know why it has the orange photo again
      Attached Files
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      Shadow Guild
      Eidolon Rogue
      Angel Island
      Pets: FireLord, Burning Angel, Super Demon, Super Angel, Teeka, Bald Eagle, Baby Demon, Baby Angel, Bonosaurus, Demon King

      Mounts: Gryphon, Bunny, Alicorn, Battle Bear

      Shadow Guild

      Shadow Guild

      Only the weak pick on the weak :rolleyes:


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        my best day at erie marsh^^

        Click image for larger version

Name:	578932_447037868663664_1195275192_n.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	200.0 KB
ID:	1659882

        i like this place :P

        Click image for larger version

Name:	542525_428274017206716_651102688_n.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	180.7 KB
ID:	1659884

        server s39)erie marsh
        character : EvilCupid
        lvl :65
        pure nature ranger

        server : (s10)starglade
        character :BadNurse
        lvl :71
        hybrid priest^^


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          Allow me to restate Rule #5

          5) Please be kind in your reply comments. Any comments deemed unacceptable or off-topic will be removed.

          Please oblige to the rules. Thank you.

          I will be merging multiple posts by the same person if posting more pictures.
          The King doesn't fall so easily boys


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            Click image for larger version

Name:	central sg 4.JPG
Views:	1
Size:	78.9 KB
ID:	1659885

            Take Pict with MyLoveee

            Character: (S1)DivasMG
            Server: Aurora Point
            Plane: Scion
            Class: Fire Mage
            Guild: (S1)Noypi
            Name : (S1)DivasMG
            Class : Hybrid Mage
            Honor : Emperor
            Server : (S1)Aurora Point
            Plane : Eidolon
            Spouse : (S2)CaesarMike
            Guild : Legends


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              Click image for larger version

Name:	Mammoth.JPG
Views:	1
Size:	230.2 KB
ID:	1659886

              IGN: (S29)jaysonXp12
              Server: The Molten Highlands
              Class: Shadow Rogue
              Current lvl: Eidolon lvl 120
              Honor Rank: Emperor
              Guild: UnderWorld


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                Vega the Mad vs. Phoenix

                "The head of Vega was hit by the powerful claws of Phoenix,an outstanding fight,the roar of the Phoenix weakens the Boss of Revenants vault."


                Name: Margareta
                Server: The Void
                Class: Knight
                Current Level: 75 scion
                Attached Files
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                "80s music, the greatest era of being in love."
                Character Name: Margareta
                Baby Spice from Spice Girls

                " I'm a girl who loves pink, I'm the pinkest in the server."
                :oFavorite Song:

                Server: The Void
                Level 82 Eidolon Protection Knight
                Genbu Rider

                Helpful Threads:


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                  Click image for larger version

Name:	428973_502988783051425_1351329628_n.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	85.1 KB
ID:	1659887

                  IGN: csFame
                  Server: Tyria Village
                  Class: Priest
                  Level: 78 Mortal
                  Guild Divine Angels
                  â—˜Server: Tyria Villageâ—˜

                  â—˜IGN: â—˜csFame â—˜csPaine â—˜csLacrusaid â—˜csnotyet
                  ◘Class: ◘Priest ♣ ◘ Mage ♣♣ ◘Rouge ♣♣♣ ◘Ranger

                  We Eat
                  We Sleep
                  We Play
                  Crystal Saga


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                    Happy Family

                    Me and my lovely pet
                    IGN: Scion(S11)TOUCHMENOT
                    Server: Glimmering Plains
                    Level/Honor Rank: Lv.100/Emperor
                    Class: Hybrid Priest
                    Pet: Burning Angel, Teeka, Firelord
                    "Success is falling Nine times and getting up Ten"


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                      Click image for larger version

Name:	wedding.JPG
Views:	1
Size:	196.6 KB
ID:	1659889

                      ING: Jussi
                      Server: Crismon Groves


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                        Click image for larger version

Name:	148981_222510594521944_2096379783_n.jpeg
Views:	1
Size:	38.4 KB
ID:	1659891
                        can the pic be like this?
                        only cropped not edited
                        IGN: Rin
                        Server: (S18) Shrine of Khitar
                        Class: Ranger

                        A Bruise is Not a Tattoo


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                          Click image for larger version

Name:	339mstz.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	244.8 KB
ID:	1659890

                          name : Human
                          server :Tinosia Delta
                          level :45
                          class :knight
                          Guild :indoSEKS


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                            A friend wedding

                            scion ranger ( hybrid nature)
                            server: s35 sukemo buff
                            Attached Files


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                              Click image for larger version

Name:	yz6ys.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	258.2 KB
ID:	1659894

                              nick : ExoDarkNeZz
                              server : Tinosia Delta
                              class : Rogue
                              guild : indoSEKS