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Screenshot of the Week: It's coming back, and we need your ideas for rewards!

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  • fangydangymangy
    1. some kind of title
    2. Reward Pack - gives one of the following packs-

    2a. Dragon's Hoard Pack- gives 12 random dragon coins(green/red/black)

    2b. Honor Pack- gives 2 of the following items (randomly picked)
    -500 honor
    -15 silver badges
    -3 gold badges

    2c. (Bonus) Rebirth Pack- gives 5 of the following items
    -Greater Mount Upgrade Tokenx2
    -Ethereal Wingx3
    -Lesser Mount Foodx1
    -Pixie Upgrade Crystalx2
    -Shining Gem Coupon

    2d. Enchantment Pack- gives two of the following items
    -Moderate Enchantment Crystalx20
    -Major Enchantment Crystalx10
    -Supreme Enchantment Crystalx5
    -Dragon Crystalx6
    -Zodiac Enchantment Crystalx10
    -Legendary Zodiac Enchantment Crystalx2

    3. Special Soul Pack - gives one of the following items
    3a -Soul Pack I - 3 of every kind
    3b -Soul Pack II - 5 shards of every kind + 5 soul shards
    3c -Soul Pack III- 8 Shards of every kind + 8 Soul Shards

    4. Dailies Pack- gives 10 of the following items
    4a-2x Experience Tokenx2
    4b-3x Experience Tokenx1
    4c-1x Offline Experience Tokenx4
    4d-2x Offline Experience Tokenx2
    4e-4x Offline Experience Tokenx1
    4f-2x Drop Runex2
    4g-Crystal Essence Vial(empty)x2
    4h-Mana Orbx1
    4i-Health Orbx1
    4l-Pet Mana Orbx1
    4m-Pet Health Orbx1
    4n-Purified Crystalx2
    4o-Instant Town Portal Scrollx2
    4p-Ancient Coinx5
    4q-Lucky Coinx5
    4r-Golden Fruit of Honorx5
    4s-Blessed Stones(Bound)x3
    4t-Elixir of Vitality(Bound)x2
    4u-Elixir of Piety(Bound)x2
    4v-Elixir of Striking(Bound)x2
    4w-Elixir of Thorns(Bound)x2
    4x-Elixir of Viciousness(Bound)x2
    4y-Growth Food(Bound)x2
    4z-Instant Pet Bundle-gives 10 Instant Pet Taming Scrolls based on Player's level.

    And that's all ty for reading
    And all the names can be changed if needed.
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  • RulaZhao
    1. The Starglade Photographer title xD
    2. Ethereal Wings?
    3. Greater Mount Upgrade Tokens
    4. Soul Prints
    5.Black Dragon Coin/Red Dragon Coin
    6. Silver/Gold honour badges :P
    7. Some EXP maybe ~~
    8. Something not too good, to balance it out a bit hehehe lol.

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  • R23800239
    Here are some of my suggestion for the reward

    1) Title I think is a must (my suggestion --> Magical Snapper) { snap for taking a photo and magical can be replaced with amazing, marvelous etc**
    2) 8x Green Dragon Coins
    3) 5x Red Dragon Coins
    4) 3x Black Dragon Coin
    5) 1x GMUT or 6x shining gems or 1 FS
    6) 1x PUC or 2x EW or 6x MC
    7) and a swirly thing similar to one you get just before the wedding under your feet for a week

    Anymore than this and I think it'll be too much advantage to the person who can take a screenshot. Giving a SP or a crystal I think will be too much considering not everyone will be able to have a chance at this screenshot taking contest, but this is just my opinion

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  • DyÆ–an
    My suggestion for a reward is:

    - A title (Adventure photographer?)
    - Dragonspin coin pack (8 Green Dragon Coins, 8 Red Dragon Coins & 8 Black Dragon Coins)
    - 500 Crystals

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  • ShiroiTsubasa
    Suggestion for rewards;

    1x Black Dragon Coin.

    That is all, don't be greedy.

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  • xDemise
    The title for Picture of the week with either Dragon Crystals or Shining Coupons (This is what I'd like the reward to be)

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  • Robbay
    1. winner will have new title , and another title for those who've won multiple times.
    2. a free choice of costume (old or new costume),
    3. therions? X)
    4. sperion gems
    5. soul print
    6. black dragon coin
    7. Ethereal wing
    8. Divine wing
    9. pet breeding stone
    10. soul shard
    u could make a pack like "open this box and u will recieve 3 random items of the following (number 3 thru 10 with suitable amounts). X) or just give them all for the winner :P

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  • lDemonMirajanel
    It's back Thanks R2 :*

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  • DFinn
    We love you... =))

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  • ba54496
    Reward : a week VIP

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  • sangofighter
    Originally posted by SlainAgain View Post
    Whoa, didn't know this was a new GM. (Joined on May 8th, but first time seen posting in the forums, that is.) Welcome, if you're new. Sorry for the off-topic post, just had to say it.
    R2 has been actively recruiting, they were just @ job/trade show.

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  • SlainAgain
    Originally posted by sangofighter View Post
    O.o New R2 rep.
    Whoa, didn't know this was a new GM. (Joined on May 8th, but first time seen posting in the forums, that is.) Welcome, if you're new. Sorry for the off-topic post, just had to say it.

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  • sangofighter
    O.o New R2 rep.

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  • WhiteOokami
    Thanks for hearing our voices and resolving the matter and the link to Tinypic would be helpful to have activated on the forum.

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  • SlainAgain
    Well, giving something that'll reward all levels would be hard.

    I think Black Dragon Coins x8 or x4 would be good since it's not going to make it for high-leveled players nor lower levels. The normal rewards would be fine. A title and some Dragon coins. Also, how about some Torches? Benefits all players. Maybe, we can also give them about 50g? and you don't want it to give too many rewards as this IS weekly.


    Black Dragon Coins x8
    Torch x 8
    15 Gold

    Sounds fair, I assume. Benefits all players.

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