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[Activity] Island of Blessings

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  • #16
    u shouldnt be so harsh the only reason they changed it was becuz ppl were complaining about others team hopping now that its 1/1 ppl cant switch anymore


    • #17
      Yeah, a few people complained and MANY benefitted. Now...Watch how many complain.


      • #18
        This sucks. I liked how it was before.


        • #19
          coool tyvm r2
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          • #20
            As a concerned player, ill point out some flaws on this event and also give some plausible suggestions since this event is only happening once a day, imagine people bringing their character+their alts in the event place in where the resource ground is too small that some players with low performance comps just forced to stay in their camp. well that is not a problem itself but:
            1. it produces hella amount of lag, that you never know that you were killed by a player
            2. both teams will bring dispute on who the heck harvests the stones since the area is too small.
            3. some bugs happened to players, just like my main char where it got killed while entering the resource zone and when the loading is done, i cant move again and was just forced to refresh only to return to SG.
            4. since majority of the players inside are alts. expect slow farming
            and so many others.

            my suggestion for this problem is that
            1. how about we make the event have 3 timeslots and of course the rule "can enter once" will still retain in that way, we can divide the number of people doing the event and reduce the case of people complaining about random disconnection

            i think that's all. hope you can consider my idea.
            Crystal Saga
            Server:Crimson Groves
            IGN: (S50)Bourbon
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            Lvl: 47 scion


            • #21
              How to ruin mood of all players in 1 day btw if you were so active about it time to make something with seng! frustrated player
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              Worry less, smile more. Don't regret just learn and grow.


              • #22
                yea u changed the way we get our rewards im guessing for self benefit but u failed to do something smart and keep it from kicking ppl out if they disconnnect and with the ways your server r ppl get kicked alot mass server wide disconnections but you seemed more worried about keeping us from getting good rewards lemme tell u how this is gonna go before we use to get good rewards and enjoy comming hmm u know i'll do this again now my server is flooding with that's lame it's no fun im not comming anymore just like how seng is now with no one but like 3-4 ppl out of a whole server in it u already managed to make that event empty ppl wanted to do it now they don't even go wow only been here a week and no one does it anymore how sad from ultra high rating to lowest rating
                ever lol just like guessing game u dc your out and that's so stupid cause your server kicks everyone for no reason way to often at least seng u end up in
                the same spot or spawn zone when u disconnect 'im getting the feeling you guys don't think about stuff before you implant it then when it has a problem you don't seem to care it was never about the pvp no one cared about that not where im from we wanted rewards lol not like u can buy them at these prices also at least it lowered the prices so we can buy now but now they gonna shoot back up again tnx it was enjoyable being able to buy 3 items that wouldn't make u spend 90g-1d for 1 for awhile it my words r harsh then oh well not my fault u changed stuff without think how it would effect your players who pay and support
                the game i speak for my entire server on this


                • #23
                  lol you say you you get alot of event ideas with just rewards and nothing about how to get them or what to do like saying sp gmuts mc event plz i pitchted multiple ideas with event the stuff u have to do and the rewards exactly what u asked for in a player event idea and i bet u completely ignored it it's one or the other u completely ignored it or u were to lazy to think about it and try it out cause it was exactly what u asked for from an event idea yet hmm i never bothered to give it a chance it not like ideas like that just come simple i didnt think long and hard thought of every possible thing made hundreds of ideas and posted the ones i thought were best that everyone would enjoy ...well at least i care enough to come up with stuff for all players not just cashers and op or high lvl even low lvl or new players it would help to lol and im a casher myself tsk


                  • #24
                    If you hate the way Island of Blessed is now please vote here



                    • #25
                      I agree with most posts ive seen but i have a few of my own points id like to put accross.

                      #1, when you die you are randomly placed in 1 of the 4 corners of the map WHY???!!??? many rimes i have died then as soon as i respawn im dead again *** man this definetly needs sorting ASAP.....

                      #2 the new time really jeffing sucks (you see what i did there im trying my best not to speak profanities)

                      #3 yes i am a low lvl and yes i do have 2-3 alts i put in for this event cos the rewards are good (it was much better this week gone) EVERYONE IN MY SERVER WAS VERY VERY HAPPY much unlike today it was BBBBBRRRRUUUUUUTTTTAAAALLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (BRUTAL)

                      #4 THE LAG IS A VERY VERY SERIOUS ISSUE i saw super duper mega casher die very quickly cos of this lag and the stupid effect this event has on peoples hit rating.

                      #5 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE R2 listen to the majority of players and put this event back to exaclty how it was


                      • #26
                        this is ******** they fuc the whoole thing up now im prob going to quit playing they need to leave things alone this pvp event was just fine befor they change the time


                        • #27
                          need 10 second immunity upon entering battleground.....too many people dead while loading and dont have a revive button


                          • #28
                            oh so you agree with me huh like i said i'm not wrong you guys didnt think about how the change will affect it every single op person on my server that would make a diff was on A so B can even get off white *claps* way to go most of my server got **** while the little bit who was on A got items that will make it that
                            much harder for the rest of us yea tnx were really appreciate your oh so helpful change cause things were so bad before u did something *said sarcastically* you
                            should have left well enough alone


                            • #29
                              If you hate the way Island of Blessed is now please vote here


                              and Voice your opinions on this thread as well


                              • #30
                                #22 i've tried last night ..
                                its just a matter of good connection
                                I can even go on collect using an alt

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                                This is for Crystal Saga :p
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                                Take note then, :cool:

                                Die in perspective way of being stubbed by MEANIEE people.. just SMILE tho :o