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6/20/2013 CS Emergency Maintenance

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    So what are the changes that has been made?
    IGN:: (S34)Skyrazor
    Server:: (S34)Void Encampment
    Class:: Rogue
    Plane:: Eidolon
    LVL:: 150 (I hope I never have to do that again >_>")
    Honor rank:: Emperor


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      Originally posted by StormYoda View Post
      hey ikr...i was in my ladder on floor 65 when we were kicked out, only a 10min friggin warning, thats a joke! already done cancelled my VIP, seeing as how i weaponcrashed last week, and cant spawn a bloody FL to save my life, but others in the server i'm on have 2 FL now and less than 30 eggs, ive done 44 FLE and nothing....keep it consistent at least.....whatever, they'll nvr see another dime outta my pocket, im maxed out atm and not giving them any more IRL cash. Let the others OL waste their money....idc anymore.
      mate most of in our server used upto 85 eggs to get a fl so uk how many more eggs u hav to get


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        so what were the issues ??? everything seems to be the same :/


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          what's done it's done get used to it.
          Server: Psychodelica
          Level: 71+scion
          IGN: VisualKei
          Class: Priest

          Im Weak o.o


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            Originally posted by diablu View Post
            so what were the issues ??? everything seems to be the same :/
            maybe they removed some bugs
            Last edited by kissme2142; 06-21-2013, 04:54 PM.
            I`m awesome..

            IGN: (S9)ExiA
            LVL: 134
            CLASS: KNIGHT
            MOUNT: HELLWING, Gilded Battle Stallion
            SPERION: Superior Immortal Attack Sperion
            PETS: Super Demon, Teeka , Super Angel, Gobbler, Tauren Overlord


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              I was grinding on Treasure Trove when suddenly everything went pitch black. . . .

              Haven't even done ladder and exelorn/psycho . . .

              All i can say is . . .

              阿謨伽尾盧左曩 摩訶母捺囉摩抳 鉢納摩 人嚩攞 鉢囉韈哆野吽
              地・水・火・風・空に偏在する金剛 界尊よ


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                And.. emergencies cannot be planned and are rarely convenient.
                Freaking classic haha I love it