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[Promotion] New Pet: Scorpy!

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    so how am i going too get it i have 17g and some silver and copper but it costs platnim


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      its so cute tho


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        Those poor souls who worked for DK :c
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        Server: (S6) Windshear Peaks
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        Level: 44
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          Well, the lil Scorpy has DK Skills...that could be worth gettin, possibly. Then again, I'ma Priestess who prefers the distance game lol However, if it has DK's Stun (or is it BA with the Stun? I can never remember lol) then it could be worthwhile

          It'd be cool if there was an update allowin hatched Pets to progress their base Skills, though (A DK with maxed Satanic Skills...imagine that x.x)
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          How beautiful you look wrapped in the shadow of ecstasy...the glow of the dancing flames illuminating the chaos that shines through your innocent eyes, lying dormant in your twisted, tormented soul, the product of a world oh so cruel...let it shine, dear child, for it can set you free.


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            anyone post a SS of scorpy in battle>?

            Sever:Amethyst Forest


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              Originally posted by StarOcean View Post
              It's Probably going to be a bit stronger than super demon or maybe i don't know or maybe it has 3 red horns on it's back and it spits blood, maybe. Or then it probably can dive underground and leap at your enemy while diving or something, maybe. Maybe it has an adjustable tail so it can whip it's poison tail into roof of some building in Starglade and pull you back there, maybe. No i'm almost certain the last thing is true, maybe.
              XD strong as dk
              I'm in a mamasanmood.