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[Activity] Mount Upgrade Token Swap

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  • [Activity] Mount Upgrade Token Swap

    Duration: 8/15 – 8/21 11:59 PM (Server Time)
    Level Requirement: 30+

    Description: For the following week, players may visit the Quartermaster in Starglade to exchange Mount Upgrade Token x5 + 1 Gold for August Token x1. Each player may use this exchange twice per day. You may then exchange these August Tokens for various items in the August Token Exchange, also available at the Quartermaster.
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    lame, the invaders event was more fun


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      I agree,invaders was the best event maybe EVER


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        Originally posted by CloudySage View Post
        I agree,invaders was the best event maybe EVER
        no, ladder events are better >:|
        I smell


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          Originally posted by ThePoes View Post
          no, ladder events are better >:|
          You remember what the recent ladder events have been like, right? I have to agree that invaders are better than getting some bound MUTs and HW at floor 50, or whatever it was.


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            well those before that the ss ones xD though i didnt mind the higher floors ewings and stuff (since i hit 75 daily anyways..)
            I smell


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              Originally posted by ThePoes View Post
              no, ladder events are better >:|

              I agree the ladder event was the best getting sould shard packs for going through ladder so worth it
              Name: (S51)Aliceianna
              Server: Cimmerian Woodlands
              Class: Ranger Hybrid
              Plane: Eidolon
              Pet: Burning Angel (Gen 3), Demon King, and way more than i care to go into on here
              Level: 143+
              Honor Rank:Emperor
              Mount: Killin
              Guild: (S34)Rebels (General)


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                twice only -.- ......
                Server - S53 Exelow Hollows
                Char - Rohbean
                Class - Knight balance (called it Bear Knight)
                Level - Eido 120++
                Rank - Squire XD
                Guild - VATICAN XVI
                Pet - Firelord Gen1 ..... Demon King Gen 3
                Mount - Gryphon
                Sperion - Supr Immortal Def Max lvl Gem lvl 5 -_-lll
                Beast Soul - Tiger

                Silent Player FTW


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                  Well three ss a day is better than nothing. Maybe something fun will happened next week, lol. -.- That's what I said last week.
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                    i dont like the invader event so much because so many ppl participate so youre lucky to get 2-3 kills. i really liked the clover event, except for the space the plants take up in the farm.