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[Patch Notes] 8/22 Server Update

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  • [Patch Notes] 8/22 Server Update

    This week we've got a variety of new events for the August Token Exchange activity, along with a new pet and mount!



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    =)) You make me laugh with your new events ) Evry week worst then the other1..


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      Oh Dear god why you keep using the same events over and over again geez no wonder so many people keep quitting.
      I wouldn't do anything for a Klondike Bar



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        More stuff for r2 to make money, but events that are repeating over and over. I seriously don't know why I play anymore. Events used to be a break from the daily grind now they're worse than the daily grind. If you all keep this up everyone will continue to quit, dozens of players on my server have quit and I'm sure this weeks events will cause a few more to quit. Your community is filled with devoted players maybe return the favor and give us some events with depth like you used to 5 or 6 months ago.

        -Disgruntled long time CS player

        -edit: you could even hold maint for the next 10 hrs for all I care and think of some cool new events, I'm sure plenty of people that have seen this weeks events would agree.
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          [Promotion] 2-Day Crystal Bonus
          Duration: (Server Time)

          Description: With summer in full swing and Independence Day here, we’re offering a special 2-day bonus extravaganza on Crystal. For the next two days, players will receive an additional 25% on each recharge.

          Note: This event lasts for two days only.

          Why always point system im getting sick of it!! Try this one again!! summer offering last event was sick all Ethereal wings SUCKS!


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            worst4ever. QUIT
            Eidolon 120
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            Class=Hybrid Priest


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              well i already know what is the event next month ( september to december ) token event always expect that guys, it wont change
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              • #8
                All lame, last fun event was invaders, st. patty's day and ladder quests...


                • #9
                  if you want the august token kindly change the reward and make it to useful ones !!!


                  • #10
                    to put simply R2 is out ideas or to lazy to listen few players who still here and playing, well this not gonna last longer with this feast of useless crappy events -> all moth only **** for events and daily routine, thats sux, no bugs fixed, new items not fixed to, so I starting to wonder what r2 doing atm..........


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                      August token to be exchange for gmuts would be excellent =) but not likely ='(
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                        better to bring back the silver and gold badges events than this august token etc .. :3 fail
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                          When hosting an event over and over, it becomes a daily and will lose the state of an event.
                          Therefor, this week is just another week without events. Lame.

                          But to top that; No bug fixes, no missing content added, nothing.


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                            remember this I refuse to spend any more money til you god damn well fix the new skills. you have become lazy as hell and only care about making money. Soon I'll just stop playing this game cuz it seems all you guys care about is money. oh lets not fix stuff, lets just **** ev1 off. WELL DONE R2 THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT YOUR DOING. To top it off most of the stuff u add is useless and not as good as what we currently have. 2 THUMBS DOWN. YOU GET AN F FOR FAIL. You lack imagination and drive. Just shut down the game already cuz I really don't give a chit about it anymore. here are the things wrong with this game

                            1. Bugs and lots of em. lvl 130 140 skills still not working right guess I shouldn't hold my breath they will never be fixed right.
                            2. stupid portals in new area push ppl to another area
                            3. honor NPC missing.
                            4. tons of glitched mobs
                            5. order drops are garbage

                            eh I give up you guys just don't give a flying fawk anymore
                            Last edited by xena6; 08-22-2013, 08:10 AM.
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                              is that all!!!! is that really all!!! besides digging people's money with new stuffs, there is nothing R2 can think about anymore
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