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[Activity] Invasion of the Evil Birthday Clown

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  • [Activity] Invasion of the Evil Birthday Clown

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Name:	EvilClown.png
Views:	2
Size:	67.1 KB
ID:	1739496
    Duration: 8/29 – 9/4 11:59 PM (Server Time)

    Description: For the following week, 5 Evil Birthday Clowns will appear from 10:00 to 23:00 every hour on the hour in Starglade (L3). Kill them and receive Anniversary Token x1. Collect as many of these tokens as possible and exchange them for various items with the Anniversary Token Exchange, available at the Quartermaster in Starglade.
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    token again? awh


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      Are they like Gotor/Crypt Boss or can u easily kill them 1v1 like the invaders?


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        Clownies again rofl
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          Originally posted by OneLastTry View Post
          Are they like Gotor/Crypt Boss or can u easily kill them 1v1 like the invaders?
          If I remember from last year they are like the Turkeys, which are like Gotor.
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            aw.. why only L3.. what happened to L1-2 and L4-5
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              the rewards for tokens are actually great! FL eggs FTW!
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                i think all rog can kill it haist..Rog r not equal high crit..haist..Fix the rog skill is to Imbalance..


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                  this event is unfair it benifits rougues like crypt boss and gotor so dumb..


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                    only rouge class can kill this clown

                    other classes is having a hard time to make the hp full then suddenly full hp again

                    i hope gm can fix this coz only rouges has the good benefit of this event
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                      It does benefit rogues. My husband and I have of course found a way to cope. We party up (us and our other 2 second mains) and we just take turns for who gets the token. 4 toons = kill almost as fast as a rogue.
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                        Only fair to the scion and ecilons us mere mortals cant kill and the Stupid clowns only drop 1 token pretty unfair


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                          The only problem about this clowns is that they drain your orbs. :/
                          Originally posted by Dr.Q
                          Hm... best Tenet level, or home mortgage payment... what to do, what to do...


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                            The clown drops fast with a party. My main and 2 alt is an easy kill. You can get 6 coins a day easy if u get the cake, take 2 baths, and just get to level 50 of the ladder. If u cant get to 50 of ladder you either need a better party or you haven't played long enough. Another good week for soul development.
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