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[Activity] Catacombs

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    What lvl are the monsters in the catacombs? I wish they had made the voucher scraps drop from normal monsters instead of elites or,at the very least, let them drop every time.It would also be nice if you had to collect a lot less than 50 to get a catacomb voucher.This will take


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      Wow, need to cash to go to the other levels. That's so cruel. The crystal it takes to get on those level could simple be used to buy the stuff that drops. At least there's a way to get crystals without cashing so it's not impossible, just improbable.
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        Okay, I've used my main and alts in the cata levels. Level 3 mobs are horribly easy my lame mortal mage can handle it with ease and getting a lot of exp, that was about 50% at level 66 for 30 mins. Level 3 rewards allI got was a gold key and a prometh feather bound...Like my alt needed that but okay. The exp is worth it I'd say for low level toons. Not enough drops for those close to 150 or at that for any level of the cata. Main only got a bound mec and bound divine feather on Cata 2. Mobs are simple on all to kill, level 100 but die easily. I wouldn't suggest putting gimut alts in there though unless decently equipped.

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          the scraps are easy to get that is not the issue the issue is one exchange per day for the ticket so for the number of trys they have listed you have to cash for you to make it in the week they have aloted. now if this was a new permenant thing like treasure trove or void that would be nice maybe they are teasting it out to see what we think and if anyone is willing to cash for the tickets.
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            It will be fishing cool if we can afk grind for these catacombs vouchers and make this a permanent events so there is loots to earn, exp to gain and R2 can earn more money for thse crystals tickets if there is better drop rates in the catacombs ^~^
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              i try it once for lvl3 and i got 6 marks of god, 7 PF (bound), 2 BDC, 8 gmut (bound), 8 mec & 4 gold key. Im lvl 117 0.48% every 30sec.

              Not sure about lvl2. i was hoping get Ew or dragon crystal


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                I think the Griffin looks ugly but this is a nice event though
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                  in lvl 1 cata i got 8-9% exp. i just afk sit there, didn't bother killing mobs after getting nothing in 2mins.
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