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[Activity] More Coupons? How do I use these?!?

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  • #16
    why is it that me and my friends didn't get the x3 coupon when we logged in today..too bad :-(


    • #17
      Originally posted by UnicoIho View Post
      why is it that me and my friends didn't get the x3 coupon when we logged in today..too bad :-(
      Originally posted by R23023594 View Post
      i would like to know why i didnt get the coupons when i logged in?
      Originally posted by SoulSeek View Post
      No coupons was given. My temporary storage is empty and same goes to my inventory.
      Originally posted by littlevil View Post
      i have logged in for 1st time today and no coupons in my tempery storage not a good start
      me too, no coupon,,, no green dragon either,,, then i realized, could it be because i have logged in after reset but before maintenance, thus system didnt give coupon for system have already recognized our log in today ,,, what a waste of x3 csac ,,, wish could redeem them somehow
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      • #18
        Shining Gem coupon x 2 = Crystal Saga Anniversary Coupon x 80 LOL


        • #19
          Did not recieve cupons upon logging in on my main thats played since beta..not in temp storage either...however its not a big deal since the rewards are less than desirable for a year long player...thanx for the troll


          • #20
            These coupons are for trading for other stuff. Go talk to the party planner person, and you will be able to exchange stuff for them. Here:!


            There is always tomorrow.


            • #21
              GM, none of my characters have been receiving these upon login today...NONE of them.....what's going on???


              • #22
                no GMUT ? lol but we need more exp droped when see a torch


                • #23
                  i need help using these crystal saga x3 coupons