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[Patch Notes] Crystal Saga 10/17 Update

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    well, thanks for nothing (again), see ya next week
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      did someone say casher system?(heraldy) not just casher , extreme casher !!! you are going to need over 1500 crystals for the lowest level buff, then what happens when your rival gets the same one, another 100 bones in the game, then he matches you again, now 500, then he matches you again now 1000, that's over 2000$ in like two weeks. And then there are two way too strong plyers in a game full of people that just buy vip not crystal. this is like one millionaire plays and bowing to him. not good for long term


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        Could definitely be better.
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          its a nice game .


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            Heraldry System is a waste of money

            I spent $40 dollars and didn't even get one God Rune. You think they could be a little more fair. What a big waste of money.....

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              How to get Rune of God ? what are the materials needed ?
              Server: Aurora Point
              Class: Mage (Hybrid)


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                Get Rune of Evil from cash shop , tons of Rune Mediums from cash shop, tons of Rune protection stones from cash shop, and keep synthesize it til you get Rune of God.


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                  I think this game should add new and old pet park right in Dragon Hunt .........


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                    60% failure rate for lvl5 runes, or really bad luck


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                      Its True Need more Vault space as items are keep increasing but spaces remains and same kins of items still divided into 2 of (Bounded) and none causing no spaces to put,See,we need spaces for equipment, items for bounded and none bounded and those quest needed items + personal items Seriously out of spaces ^^.Please do somethings about it


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                        R2 u knoe that a player have to spent 20k xtal just to get one seal? ***!!!! it so unfair and wats the point giving us rune of blessing if we have to buy rune of medium from the cash shop just to upgrade it?( why would be bother if we can get lvl 5 abd lvl 8 RUNE)
                        u should have fix the sytn percentage of it we already gona spent money but dont rip us off like this #24..........


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                          help GM please. i used mobile payment to get crystals but i did not received any crystals yet. but i have confirmations