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[Guide] Heraldry

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  • [Guide] Heraldry


    A relic nearly lost to the passage of time, the art of Heraldry has been rediscovered by the warriors of Vidalia. Upgrade your Heraldry chart and equip runes and seals for the powerful buffs and skills they bestow on those daring enough to test the waters.

    New Items
    • Runes - Special artifacts used to create seals. Level 1 rune "Rune of Beginnings" is dropped by level 30 elite monsters.

    • Seals - Synthesized from runes. Can be equipped in Heraldry chart for powerful skills and buffs.

    • Heraldic Scrolls - Used for upgrading Heraldry chart.

    • Rune Medium - Powerful medium used for upgrading runes.

    • Rune Protection Stone - Protects rune when upgrading. Should an upgrade fail, rather than being lost, the rune will be degraded 1 level.

    • Minor, Lesser, and Greater Rune Crystals - A must have item for synthesizing seals.

    Getting Started

    Open up the Heraldry chart to the right of the Skillbar to get started. The Heraldry panel has two main sections: Chart and Synthesis.

    Click image for larger version

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    This is where you equip seals you've synthesized to gain the powerful buffs and skills they bestow. Click the "Upgrade" button to unlock different slots, and hover over the "Heraldry Upgrade" button to see which levels of heraldry unlock which slots. Note: Upgrading your chart requires certain items, which you can view at the bottom of the panel.

    • Use low level runes to synthesize higher level runes. Drag runes you want to use for synthesis into the empty rune slot at the top of the panel, and items required for upgrading should automatically appear. If you do not have the required items, a warning will appear. Note that failed upgrades will result in a loss of runes. To prevent this, players can equip Protection Stones, which will result in the rune being degraded by 1 level, rather than being completely lost.

    • Combinations of runes and crystals can be used to synthesize seals. Select the seal you wish to synthesize from the "Sub" menu, and the required components will appear in the list of components below. Note the success rate is always 100%. Synthesized seals can be equipped in your Heraldry chart.