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  • [Activity] Rock the Ladder!

    Duration:: 11/14 – 11/20 11:59 PM (Server Time)
    Level: 20+

    Description: Pass through certain levels of the Crystal Ladder and be rewarded! Visit the Quartermaster in Starglade and accept the ladder quests, reach the required levels in each of the quests, and return to the Quartermaster to claim your rewards! You will receive November Token x1 for every quest completed. There will be 4 quests in total. Each quest can be completed once per day.
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    anyone else is bothered by the lv.40 rb quest and ladder quest clash?we need something to be done about this


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      Sadly I just got lvl 40 RQ
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        so everyday 4x token ?? because he/she said 4 quest definetly ?


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          Does level forty rebirth quest and ladder quest still have conflict
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            i don't think the 3 other quest would be applicable to the new server.... at the ladder ranking so far its up to lvl 28 only.....most of the players could even hardly pass lvl 20 ladder.
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              Originally posted by josh_oyson11 View Post
              so everyday 4x token ?? because he/she said 4 quest definetly ?
              Probably ! But only if you could pass the ladder level required to get the rewards.
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