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[Activity] The Starglade Riches

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  • #16
    better sleep than go to central starglade


    • #17

      plz change the drop mode like redemption book for example. Because in afk mode the priest have a lot a chance to DONT pick the drop.



      • #18
        GM where Central Starglade X: 63 Y: 112. ?? can u tell me (

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        • #19
          Chances of being teleported to Central Starglade is 20%. So you need more scraps to get teleported otherwise you have to wait till the next respawn of treasure chest.

          I would like to know how many mins the treasure chest will be there.
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          • #20
            im here now will i wa8 for another spawn?


            • #21
              nah its a crappy event </3


              • #22
                im lucky i guess i try to synth map and i have obtaned the loot GMU


                • #23
                  nice.....but can u give bigger rewards like eggs and stuff?


                  • #24
                    central starglade is look a like Arabian Kingdom
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                    • #25
                      Won't know what this will be like til I buckle down and grind the map pieces. Gotta love stored up afk time.
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                      • #26
                        WTH!! another
                        lame event!! ZZ


                        • #27
                          Originally posted by R22123955 View Post
                          there's a specific time for it to spawn.. will only get one random item from the chest.. maximum of 50 players per chest.. wow... sure it would be better if the quantity of the items are higher.. lol but nice job r2
                          I take you can claim one chest every 4 hours. so it's possible to get the chest multiple times a day. That is normally how these work, like with the St. Patricks event and the beer tables.

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                          • #28
                            this is an event with low rewards but yet takes a long time to get the map scrap pieces maybe make it worth the time


                            • #29
                              waste of inventory space


                              • #30
                                wow you can only do it once every 4 hours thats lame i can collect 400 maps in 4 hours but only loot it once LAME
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