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[Activity] 2x Dungeon Challenge

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  • [Activity] 2x Dungeon Challenge

    Duration: 1/16– 1/22 11:59 PM (Server Time)
    Level Requirement: 25+

    Description: If you love dungeons, you’ll love this event. For the following week, daily attempts for all dungeons are doubled. Note that this does NOT include bonus VIP attempts.
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    this is what im waiting for...
    Server : Eternal Sanctun S57
    Char name : dauztough :p
    Spouse : Still single
    Level : Scion 60
    Class : Shadow Rogue
    Guild : (S57)SilentKiller (Haki)
    Wing : Angel Lord:(
    Pet : Golden Teddy,Panda Adult :)



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      hahah farming time , tyvm
      Game:Crystal Saga
      Server: (S29)The Molten Higlands
      Class: Mage
      Guild: The Spartans
      Beast Soul: lv1 red soul
      Honor: Emperor
      Tenets: maxed


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        I bet the DC drop rate is dropped almost to 0 for this event. 15 Psy runs a day, lmao. This is truly a dungeon farming game. All PvPers please exit the building.
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          thank you for release this event. ^^


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            Increase the drop rate of DC!! For GOODNESS SAKE!
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              reduce th drop rate and make each click with 4dc guaranteed success.