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[Activity] Card Swap

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  • [Activity] Card Swap

    Duration: 4/10– 4/16 11:59 PM (Server Time)
    Level Requirement: 30+

    Description: During this event, visit the Quartermaster to receive a special Card Pack. Packs contain cards that you’re free to swap with other players. Collect as many cards as you can and return to the Quartermaster to exchange them for a Mystery Pack, which when opened will reveal a special item. Mystery Packs can also be purchased in the Shop for 98 Crystal.

    Note: Players may receive ONE Card Pack per day, VIP players TWO Card Packs.

    Click image for larger version

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    Mystery Pack - Open to randomly receive ONE of the following:
    • Pixie Upgrade Stone x2
    • Greater Mount Upgrade Token x2
    • Ethereal Wings x2
    • Red Dragon Coin x3

    There's also a chance to receive multiple or surprise items!
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    Let the alt abuse begin
    Crystal Saga
    IGN: (V1) Headache
    Lvl: 150 Eidolon Priest
    Server: S35 Sukemo Bluff
    Guild: (V1) AntiSocial
    Partner: (V3) Matrix74


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      wait..un bound items right O_O

      IGN: (S23)gake671 - (S23)gake691 ( another alt page > )

      Level:75-35 ( lazy to level up )

      Class : Knight - Ranger

      Wings : Angel Lords Wings -Magic Extreme Glowing Wings III

      Server :

      Guild : Shadow Members

      Zodiac : Capricorn

      Honor : Duke - Noble

      Plane : Mortal

      ^@.@^ <@.@>


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        People are so funny. I've been helping a lot of noobs lately, mostly because most of the old players are gone, but I've convinced several of them to make as many alts as possible for events like this. The ones that say "I don't need alts, I can get all that without them", are the same ones that are now begging for gold or items. I tell them to quit now. The ones that took my advice enjoy the benefit of having more cards during an event like this. One of them, lmao, saves all the D cards for the 6 pack prize. This player didn't understand why I was laughing. I asked how many cards A, B, and C he had and it was well over 7 of each. Many card were left over from the last event. I asked him how many pack would he would have had if he turned in the ABCD prize. With 7 D cards it would have been 21 packs, lmao!! He asked why they (r2) would have a system that gives you less packs for the rare D card. I said its because people are bad with math. He gave me the rest of his cards and quit, lmao.
        I wish he would have given me all the info for his alt army. He was getting 15 cards a day. xD
        For all of you that didn't follow the story, much funnier when it happened, the moral of the story is don't turn in the 7 D card prize.
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          If I am not totally wrong, non-vips are getting same card everyday right? Is that supposed to work like that? Asked 5 people of my server & there is me who got the same card for the non-vip pack.


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            Originally posted by Himadri View Post
            If I am not totally wrong, non-vips are getting same card everyday right? Is that supposed to work like that? Asked 5 people of my server & there is me who got the same card for the non-vip pack.
            That's just bad luck. Cards are randomized with every pack -- D being the most rare for obvious reasons.