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[Patch Notes] Crystal Saga 5/15 Update

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  • [Patch Notes] Crystal Saga 5/15 Update

    This week we've got an all new arena which you can learn more about in the Vidalian Legends Guide. The other events for this week can be found below!



  • #2
    Bring back the lottery o.o that was actually fun with something rare you could get xD.
    Server: (S60)Exigent Bluff
    IGN: AsunaLight
    Class: Knight(Hybrid)
    Plane: Eidoion Lvl: 150
    Wings: Ultimate Demon Lord Wings (Still upgrading)
    Guild: (S60)TrueAngels (Guild Master)
    Pets: Guardian Angel+13(Gen 2)/ Demon King+13(Almost ED)/ Royal Nymph+13/ Golden Teddy Bear+13.. and more
    o.o By the way.... I like hugs. Oh and my husband Shujinko is a bum♥


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      How about new gear to wear? How about opening our backpacks? How about giving us the second half of the vault page that was opened how many months ago? Oh and when are we going to be able to do something with the Treasure Keys that are still dropping in the dungeon Psycho (Nightmare)? Just a few suggestions/questions


      • #4
        We all want the lottery back!


        • #5
          Was it your intent to remove the ability to Link a NPC into chat? cause you did.
          Its making "Redemptions" and "A Day in Vidalias" annoying to do when I can't just throw all the needed links into chat.
          Eidolon (150)
          Ice Mage (Scion Eido Fire skills)
          Eidolon (140+)
          Pure Healer/Buffer Priest


          • #6
            guess ill come back to play next week, hopefully a decent event and promotion. no cash for you this week suckers


            • #7
              events repeatedly again and again can r2 make new ones or bring back the other events that can truely help a lot ?? trash events


              • #8
                Boring "-.-


                • #9
                  The rewards for the Vidalian Legends, are kinda crap…… waaaiiit, they ARE ****. Stop trying to shove (bound) stuff down my throat. I have no idea what to sell anymore. All the unbound stuff everyone has. I feel like posting a giant list of stuff that needs fixed. And I don't even play on r2 servers. (I play on yeepgame) but you handle our maintenance. And this **** helps no one
                  Down with (bound) items!!


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                    Bring back the Bounty Hunting xD
                    Server: Celestial Peaks
                    IGN: xangelicax
                    Class: Priest
                    Level: 60+ (Scion)
                    Honor Rank: Duke
                    Guild: (S12)Phpride