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[Activity] The Starglade Riches II

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  • [Activity] The Starglade Riches II

    Duration: 9/27 - 10/10 11:59 PM (Server Time)
    Servers: All Servers

    Description: Do you remember ‘The Starglade Riches’ that we hunted for back in June? Well, it’s back! It has been said a secret area lies within the walls of Starglade, holding various treasures of King Valcroy. Take part in this activity and receive a chance to obtain some of the loot!

    Kill any level 30 or higher monsters to receive a chance in obtaining a Treasure Map Scroll. Using this Portal Scroll will teleport you to a random map, in which there is a 30% chance you will be teleported to Central Starglade.

    Within Central Starglade, a Treasure Chest will spawn at the following coordinates, X: 63 Y: 112. Players may then open this chest once to receive prizes. Only 50 different players may collect prizes per chest. Chests will be reset every six hours. But beware; a number of surprises are in store for those who dare come near the chest!

    Open the Treasure Chest and randomly receive ONE of the following items:
    • Ethereal Wings x 2
    • Greater Mount Upgrade Token x 2
    • Red Dragon Coin x 2
    • Shining Gems Coupon x 1
    • Maturity Stone x 2
    • Soul Shard x 2
    • Heroic Wings x 2
    • Purified Crystal x 4
    • Pet EXP Pearl x 6
    • Rose x 2

    • Players may open a newly spawned chest after opening a previous chest.
    • Central Starglade is a non-PvP area.
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    no Gmut exchange


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      Yay I liked this event. n.n;
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        not so good...but thanks
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          I like this event..makes me quite a lil bit of mulla. Nice place to take some screenshots too, lol last time it was out I was too nooby.
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            You do realize there is like at least 150-200 active players on the newly merged server, not to mention a great deal of them have at least 2-3 alts running on every event. I think this event is a flop.
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              no chest??? is there a certain time?
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                There is no PUC as reward?
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                  Killed the Chest Guardian, no drops =(


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                    at what server time is is the first chest reset?


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                      Real smart event when theres 1 server 50 people is a lot but when u jam 7 server into 1 then 50 spots become nothing 1/2 dumb events the orange picking is samrt to small place to plant it was hard with people making 4k oranges iwth 1 server buy now u increase the people and expect it to still be fun or a good event another fail R2


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                        about time

                        how to play this i forget and what time spesific, reset every six hour but what time

                        ah nvm i think i figure it bit

                        but then again what time is reset time

                        below is asking the same

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                          ​What time will the tresure chest will spawn in central starglade my time is wasted


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                            Or this event is epic faild


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                              Click image for larger version

Name:	dumb event.JPG
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                              this is by far the Dumbest thing the Dev's have done you guys do realize that ppl leave Alt's in central SG and that there are servers that have a combined server load of about 1500 ppl and there for some of us will NEVER Get Anything out of this Chest if not here's ur reminder that you have fused a bunch of servers and that this event will only help a Brand new or not merged server while screwing over the rest of the server nice job guys
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