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  • [Activity] The Finals

    Duration: 6/12 - 6/14 11:59 PM (Server Time)
    Level Requirement: 30+

    Description: Visit the Quartermaster to tell her which team you think will be the NBA champions and she’ll give you a title displaying your choice.

    If you pick the Spurs you’ll get the title “Beat the Heat!”, while those of you who choose the Heat will get “Let’s go Heat!”. Both titles come with a buff that increases your movement speed by 2% and adds 5 points to all of your basic stats.

    Players who picked the winning team will also get a special “Champions” piece of equipment in the maintenance following the completion of the series. Best of luck to everyone!
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    free stuff, but really could care less about basketball ugh


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      Erm storm what are the predictions :P

      And are we getting the Ares armor kinda thing or some insignia again in case you do win ?
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        i know this event
        its pretty old ^_^

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          what's the "piece of equipment" like? i wanna seeeeeeeee


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            Originally posted by flyingmuffins View Post
            i know this event
            its pretty old ^_^
            im sure this event gave DC's last time
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              I think this event gave an orange 7 day offhand (Wheel of fate) and ring (Lucky Ring) last time. I may be misremembering though, and something else gave those.


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                The Finals
                Duration:6/14 - 6/16 11:59 PM (Server Time)
                Servers:All Servers
                Description (Forums): After a hard-fought NBA season, the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Miami Heat are the last two standing in the NBA playoffs. Who do you think will win the NBA championship? Visit the Quartermaster in Starglade to participate in our NBA championship guessing game.
                NPC Options:
                · The Thunder will rain defeat upon the Heat!
                · The Heat will triumph over the Thunder!
                Upon selecting a team, you will receive a specific title, depending on which team you picked. If you picked the Thunder to win, you will receive the title, “Beat the Heat.” If you picked the Heat to win, you will receive the title, “Heat Fanatic.”
                Upon the completion of the NBA Finals, if you guessed the winning team, you will be rewarded with a Championship Pack. Visit the Quartermaster in Starglade to receive this pack. Open it and you will receive the following items:
                · Bronze Honor Badge x 60
                · Silver Honor Badge x 20
                · Gold Honor Badge x 2
                · Dragon Crystal x 10
                · Lucky Ring (7 Days) x 1
                Note: The duration of this activity (6/14 - 6/16 11:59 PM) is when players may sign up! Players will be unable to take part in this activity after these dates.

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                  When dose it announce the winning team


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                    "Players who picked the winning team will also get a special “Champions” piece of equipment in the maintenance following the completion of the series."


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                      5Gpow i think XD


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                        anyone knowif the equipment is perm or temp?


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                          most likely temporary :/
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