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[Announcement] 06/14/2012 Server Maintenance @ 4:00 AM EDT

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  • #46
    The only thing I can say for certain about the new events is that people are going to find a way to complain about them, no matter what.
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    • #47
      not gonna lie i like that Gsocket to gem remover idea tho that would help me later on but u cant just say no casher event cause if we didnt cash alot of people wouldnt be playing this


      • #48
        hope the next event can make me got My super Demon . :x


        • #49
          >.< Need Fire Lord Eggs & Morph Crystals & EWs events

          Some Torch wont hurt.. Burn SG!.. SG on Fire..
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          Looking for>
          -Genie Crystals in Consumers Points
          -More Inventory (Bag) Space & Pages
          -Pixie Crystal in Mystery Packs


          • #50
            So whats the new event?
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            • #51
              i would be hoping to see these events :

              -remove a player event (you can remove 1 player from your server for 1 month)
              -gag 1 player (you can shut the mouth of 1 player for 1 month)


              mmmm, hamsters everywhere!


              • #52
                Patch Notes are up. You can find them in this thread.
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                  i dont understand The Starglade Riches >.<
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                  • #54
                    sigh.... still waiting O.O cant sleep


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                      Originally posted by Caia_R21125326 View Post
                      >.< Need Fire Lord Eggs & Morph Crystals & EWs events

                      Some Torch wont hurt.. Burn SG!.. SG on Fire..
                      Agree with you =D


                      • #56
                        Also if what ever r2 made i will be happy with that^^(Not mad LOL-_-)


                        • #57
                          wow, the NBA one is superb
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                            NBA gots me lost ^_^
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