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New Pet: Tortles!

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  • New Pet: Tortles!

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Baby Tortle.png
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Size:	3.5 KB
ID:	1754129Click image for larger version

Name:	Lava Tortle.png
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Size:	6.2 KB
ID:	1754130Click image for larger version

Name:	Volca Tortle.png
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Size:	16.3 KB
ID:	1754131
    Baby Tortle can be yours for just 299 Crystal. Becomes Lava Tortle and Volca Tortle.

    Strength: 42
    Agility: 22
    Intellect: 25
    Endurance: 31
    Strength Aptitude: 306
    Agility Aptitude: 505
    Intellect Aptitude: 1304
    Endurance Aptitude: 1434

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    Skills? BA or Dino? =, .=
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      Dino!! The other guys who used to make the other type of pets quit, so what does r2 do? Keep using the support guy more... they dont want him to quit too
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        R2 Pets LoL

        Why does R 2 keep coming out with pets that are wrongly named and are just support pets. When are you gonna bring another Physical pet like the Baby Tauren which everyone would buy. But who listens to us player eh!


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          its so cute >.<
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            Same as Dino why are they making pets like that?
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              Because they have a 5 year old drawer who only has one idea and that the GM's can't script a physical/Magic attack pet instead of a support. They suck and can't run a game, it's pathetic to see them only adding the same stuff because they don't have enough knowledge to add something new.

              Either that or they just hate the players and trying to get everyone to leave and join there other fail game; Wartune.


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                That's for new servers :3

                more likely.... #28

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                  It's Torkoal!!


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                    TY for the originality... Not sure I would buy one, but I am sure the guys will on my server.
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