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[Forum Event] All Your Designs Are Belong to Us!

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    wish i were better at designing >.< maybe something like light leather body suit with dark trench coat for my rouge and a white nun suit with gold chains for my priest...... and somethin black and frilly for feo^^anyone wanna run with that


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      So i drew a male version of my costume

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      IGN: Hime


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        I am not talented when it comes to digital painting so.. here's mine >.<

        *Disclaimer note: That is doll costume inspired :3 Thanks for image i saw :P

        Click image for larger version

Name:	2.jpg
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ID:	1692914


        Click image for larger version

Name:	1.jpg
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ID:	1692915


        BTW.. this is what i really really want to see..

        Click image for larger version

Name:	3.jpg
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ID:	1692916 Click image for larger version

Name:	4.jpg
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ID:	1692917

        Can you consider that doll inspired outfit? I have those two personally for my dolls, and its pretty cute really :3
        (ohmy, i feel like a kid again >.< Sorry!)
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          I want a toon drinkin a cup of coffee like rev lmao :P


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            i had that thought too but then realized be hard with frag in hand


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              lol good point


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                i cant draw but i have an idea that has never been in crystal saga. Snake mount or Snake pet can anyone draw them ? just told my idea sure i wont get reward for not drawing XD hope this helps
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                [Pet]: Emperor Demon (working on gen)
                [Level]:152 Eidoln (working on it)
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                  i cant seem to locate the costume making layout from years ago.. can someone put it here please? thanks!

                  oops nvm found it>

                  Forum Event Battle of the Design Art Contest
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                  Crystal Saga

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                  Looking for>
                  -Genie Crystals in Consumers Points
                  -More Inventory (Bag) Space & Pages
                  -Pixie Crystal in Mystery Packs


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                    Click image for larger version

Name:	pet.png
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Size:	339.7 KB
ID:	1692927
                    (D: cant do digital drawing... so hand drawn #24)

                    got the inspiration from the butterfly poster in my room then was like: oooh butterfly make an awesome 3-stage morph pet xD
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                      More of a joke design than a real one o.o
                      But it would be funny if they actually added it.

                      If i do manage to win ill give server ign o.o
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                        Hope you guys like it ^_^
                        Click image for larger version

Name:	dded.jpg
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ID:	1692929Click image for larger version

Name:	iem1jc - Copy (2).jpg
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ID:	1692930Click image for larger version

Name:	iem1jc - Copy (3).jpg
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Name:	iem1jc - Copy (4).jpg
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Name:	iem1jc - Copy (5).jpg
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Name:	iem1jc - Copy.jpg
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ID:	1692934
                        Click image for larger version

Name:	eeeeeee.jpg
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ID:	1692935
                        IGN: (S63)Bellla


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                          Oh i forgot to write something. Okay so i made the penguin costume because i love penguins they are co cute :3 . And tbh i made the party dresses because i bored.. and I love Resident Evil sorry i did'nt made Ash >.> ... oh and I'd like to see the boys in Jin's costume ...thats all :3
                          IGN: (S63)Bellla


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                            Someone design a pirate captain costume. I don't have the time or motivation :[
                            Also, I recommend deviantart for some good inspiration.
                            Example: Female Pirate Captain Outfit


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                              Three headed dog (MOUNT/PET)

                              Click image for larger version

Name:	three headed dog.jpg
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Size:	132.4 KB
ID:	1692963

                              So crystal saga is kinda based off of good VS. evil. I notice alot of our pets and mounts are based off of real life animals made into Creatures.
                              I made a 3 headed dog Mount and/or Pet. it can be used as either one. It has 3 eyes. One on the top of its head in the center. and two on eaither side a little bit below the top. They have razor sharp teeth and long curly reptile like tongues. Their fur is black and their eyes are red but i did not color it. I dont know if it is something you would look into but i had fun drawing it anyways.
                              Thanks ~S15 Deathstorm.~


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                                Click image for larger version

Name:	cs1.png
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Size:	79.2 KB
ID:	1692964Click image for larger version

Name:	indiangirl.png
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Size:	77.2 KB
ID:	1692965Click image for larger version

Name:	wolf.PNG
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Size:	99.5 KB
ID:	1692966

                                My ides is America Indian Style with a wolf mount maybe a hawk pet would be cool but I didnt draw one

                                S15 Serendipity