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Bye Bye Crystal saga:(

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  • Bye Bye Crystal saga:(

    Bye Bye crystal saga Icant play so i will leave this game ( i will miss u

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    err bye...
    Crystal Saga
    Server: Whisperwind Beach
    IGN: hei
    Lvl 60+ Eidolon Knight
    Guild: Nightmare
    Honor: Emperor

    Server: Tauren Camp
    IGN: Izaya
    Lvl: 45+ Archer
    Guild: Mayhem
    Honor: Elite Warrior


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      Shinigami kun pst can i have favor teach me how to be a hybrid knght
      can solo or duo NM at


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        plss fix the game (


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          welll bye and why do u have to go
          Yesterday was history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift.


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            He cant play internet connection problems or pc trouble.
            Server: Psychodelica
            Level: 71+scion
            IGN: VisualKei
            Class: Priest

            Im Weak o.o


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              hello good sir... in order for somone to help you solve your problem you going have to provide the info and current situation you are in..

              if you are loading slow/ have bad ms spikes in game.. lets try one these step's to pin point your trouble..

              1: make sure all programs are closed on your pc..

              2: if your runing a wirless connection make sure you have a pass phrase only your family members may know to prevent other from usen your internet.

              3: unplug your wireless router and do a main connection from your (main) router to your pc see if this fixes your problem.

              4:if your still have very bad ms spikes in CS. with a main connection to your pc. your Problem lies within your Main router, Router's suchs as DSL and ect ect tend to give out over past years, months and days, i suggest replacing it. it's pretty common for router to go out due to alot of afk grinding at night. adds alot of strain on routers at night. (i had to replace 2 my DSl router with in a year).

              5: if none of the above solved your problem. Reboot your pc. to clean off all unwated viruses files.. and stuff you may not know about.
              Currently playing Wow and no longer plays CS anymore.

              I Don't Need a Weapon, I Have a Heart of passion

              You'r Just Jelly Cuz I'm Sexy

              Sever: sexy
              Level: over 9,000
              Just a Hard worker, Only Uses cash on cloth


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                bye! Take care XD
                I'm beginning to think that if someone cut me open I would bleed your name.


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                  Lend me ur char...pllss...heehehhehe


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                    is illegal #23 #23
                    They told me that to make you fall in love with me, I had to make you laugh...
                    But everytime you laugh, I'm the one who falls in love...


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                        Originally posted by nowitzki21 View Post
                        Lend me ur char...pllss...heehehhehe
                        This is strictly prohibited.
                        This account is no longer in use. Please direct all question to my partner, Dragurn Schwarzchild. All my posts will be answered by him.


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                          lol bye...
                          IGN: (S30)im2wek
                          Plane: Eidolon
                          Level: 131
                          Class: Knight(Agi Build)
                          Server: (S30)Altar of Sacrifice
                          Weapon: Legendary (Supreme) Auguric Sword I+14
                          Wings: Demon Lord Pet: Demon King, Fire Lord, Teeka Mount: Kilin Gilded Battle Stallion Hellwing


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                            Buh bye :3
                            Class: Mage
                            Server:Windshear Peaks
                            Guild: (S6)SteinsGate
                            Proud player since 2011
                            ♥~Thank you for everything~♥