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Guide for 255dungeon

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  • Guide for 255dungeon

    There are 5 towers at 255dungeon that you need to defend.
    One on the middle and 1 on each corner of the map.
    There are 5 waves of monster on normal mode - 8 waves on hard and nightmare mode.
    The spawn spot of the waves are beside each tower.
    Estimated of monsters on 255 dungeon is 600m to 1b hp.

    There is only one boss on 255dungeon.
    *If all the towers are destroyed immediately, the boss spawns, regardless of the waves.
    *The boss drops the loots. A chest appears at the middle for every tower saved + One chest from boss the drops the same loots as the boss (Shards, gears, bound ew, etc).

    Your frost damages the tower so be careful.
    You can click the chest but no interaction happening. The boss doesn't drop any keys that can be used on the chest. You can ONLY open / kill the chest thru your FROST.

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    Another way of killing / opening the chest is kill the boss first and let the mobs kill the chests.