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need guide for honor

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  • need guide for honor

    how can i get the honor in the fastest way ?

    IGN : Rischa
    Level : 40 Combat Rogue
    Server : Crimson Groves

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    > Make your own GUILD( So all the guild daily quest will be yours).20x
    > Guild Resources > Everyday
    > Sengola > 2 Times a day as possible.(250 if wins / 80 honor loss) ( If you kill someone you gain honor too ).
    >If you have time you can do DAILY HUNT(you can gain 5 honor per quest)
    > Do Bless the Bath
    >Do Training Grounds
    > Do Vidalia Tour ( A chance to win Golden fruit of honor)
    > Wishing Well ( A chance to win Golden Fruit of Honor)
    > Redemption!(80 honor) !

    Yay ! Hopes it helps . Read this too
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      Guild Resource Battleground rewards 250 Honor.

      Winning in Sengolia PvP rewards 240, but killing people will reward honor.
      (Losing rewards 80.)

      Guild Quests, like Labors usually reward honor.

      Delivery rewards 5 honor per NPC you pass by.

      Each Daily Hunt rewards 5 honor.

      Starglade Tour (Level 30-39) rewards 5 honor per quest you complete.

      Blessed Bath, it rewards 10 honor per bath.

      Redemption gives 80 honor.

      Training rewards 10 honor.

      Tamalan Arena rewards up to 200 Honor.

      Also, Fruit of Honor Exchange is a event happening right now, take advantage of it.

      Wishing Wells do give Fruit of honor, which rewards 50 honor per use.

      There are actually a ton of ways to earn honor, but some of us don't see it.


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          thx guys , i wish this guide could help me