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    how do i level up faster?
    IGN: (S32)nat Level:62 Spouse: (S32)KIDD

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    Do all your daily things then grind.
    Crystal Saga
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    IGN: hei
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    Server: Tauren Camp
    IGN: Izaya
    Lvl: 45+ Archer
    Guild: Mayhem
    Honor: Elite Warrior


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      do all daily quest buy a bunch of 100% xp scroll and use in all dungeons and plant xp seeds


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        I got a great idea on how to level up really fast... Participate in most of the exp events IF YOU HAVE TIME. Do your daily quests... (I skipped ladder too bored to do it and too laggy to do ladder)... ohh... and the quick rich, full of money way---- Go buy some torchies and make sure you don't get scammed? Well good luck and have fun!

        edt// Oh... and you can also grind grind grind waiste a ton of afk cards and 2exp cards ;3 (That's what I'm doin now) And I shall save my changes..
        I'm not usually active so my stats are the same.

        IGN (S12)Tcaty
        Class Shadow Rogue
        Level 55+
        Plane Mortal (obv.)
        Honor Earl

        Well, that's about it! Have a fantastic day...